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golf adventures, part II

The past 2 Sundays have been spent in a golf cart shooting pictures. Kevin is really focused on improving his golf game lately, and I am being the wonderful girlfriend and taking lots of pictures so he can analyze his swing. (It was actually fun, although quite hot out on the course.) Two weeks ago, we went to the course at the perfect time – no one ahead of us and no one else with the same tee time meant we were on our own.

While he warmed up at the driving range, I warmed up the camera.

Golf July09 023

Golf July09 024

I can’t just take pictures of Kevin though, especially since the course itself has so much beauty.

Golf July09 060

Golf July09 109

Golf July09 110

Golf July09 111

Golf July09 112

I really love when I can get a series of shots like the ones above, so then he really has something to study. I also love his crouching pose, it makes me think of Tiger Woods when he’s really concentrating.

Golf July09 124

Here he is clearly happy with his putt:

Golf July09 127

And, although it’s blurry, here’s the arm pump that came 1.5 seconds before the smile:

Golf July09 126

What’s he doing here? Oh yeah, using his expensive Sky Caddie to access the hole. I have to say that it is a pretty cool, and it’s very accurate.

Golf July09 148

It’s fun too, to get shots like these when I capture the dirt and grass in the air from his swing.

Golf July09 174

He might get mad for a minute when he sees this one, but it captures the essence of Kevin when he’s competing…against himself.

Golf July09 168

He’s so hard on himself. So if you wouldn’t mind, head on over to his new blog and give him some love. He started Going For Par to chronicle his journey in golf. He’s been quite busy lately, as you’ll notice, and next month he’s taking a 3-day lesson through the PGA Tour Academy at World Golf Village in St. Augustine.