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Cottage living style

Love these images from House Beautiful’s Cottage Living section!

cottage living blue

cottage living brown

cottage living couch

cottage living kitchen

cottage living sun porch

cottage living white bathroom


Inspired by…

Lately I’ve been very inspired by design & decorating & crafty blogs and magazines, and the cool thing is that you can basically flip through any magazine online these days. Being in the Keys over the 4th of July got me in a beachy/coastal mood, so I checked out the recent issue of Coastal Living magazine, which contains some awesome photography and design.

beachy interior 2 - Dominique Vorillon

Image: Dominique Vorillon - Coastal Living mag

 I love the coral + gold combination in this one, and the drawers between the 2 beds.

Image: Jean Allsopp - Coastal Living mag

Image: Jean Allsopp - Coastal Living mag

I love the blue & white combination in the picture below. I’m a big fan of the dishes from the celing – when it looks clean like this one. Why not show your dishes? I also love the island with plenty of storage space for cook books underneath.

Image: Tria Giovan - Coastal Living mag

Image: Tria Giovan - Coastal Living mag

You can’t go wrong with wicker furniture in a beach/summer house. These are great colors as well. I’m noticing that I love images with stacks of books in them.

Image: Robert T. Mauer - Coastal Living mag

Image: Robert T. Mauer - Coastal Living mag

More wicker furniture. But let’s focus on the hammock, can we? It’s so alluring, and it makes me want to crawl up in it with a good book. And with that view? Ahh. Heaven.

Image: Jean Allsopp - Coastal Living mag

Image: Jean Allsopp - Coastal Living mag

The sailing motif is definitely my all-time favorite. I am always drawn to nautical themes, and this is a great example. I love the sailboats! And the room is so decorative but easy. It’s not overdone or crowded. Love it.

Image: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn - Coastal Living mag

Image: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn - Coastal Living mag

What’s inspiring you right now?

Coming soon!

A few things I’m working on:

1. The vintage typecase project. It’s been slow moving, but I have pictures and some decorations/embellishments ready to go. I’m also doing some other picture projects, inspired by Elise Blaha.

2. A new peace update. I purchased a shirt in Key Largo last weekend that includes a saying I really love. And, as what always happens when I start thinking about the word peace again, I found another great quote that’s really sticking with me.

3. Incorporating some new design and decorating inspired posts into my blog. I’ve been so drawn to interior design and decorating (and crafting) blogs for a couple weeks now, and I’ve got to do something about it. I love, love, love the photo-heavy content and all the inspiration that comes to me when I look through some of these blogs: Design Sponge, Coco + Kelley, Decor8, Creature Comforts, and sooo many more.  

4. Along with the decor-blogging, I’ve been obsessed with Flickr lately. I’ve been marking so many pictures as favorites and making mosaics like they’re going out of style. I have to figure out something to do with all these lovely images. Suggestions welcome.

5. A new blog look! Kevin recently purchased a couple of domains, and since he’s now going to be hosting several with the package he bought, we’re going to incorporate mine in there as well. I bought a domain name (my name) last summer but I’ve yet to do anything with it, so I’m thinking of switching over. With this switch, I’ll be able to completely customize my design, and incorporate Google Analytics (which was my one complaint with WordPress), and just change up some things. It’s quite exciting really! I’m going to try to learn more about websites and HTML during this process, so bear with me. With this new look, I’ll be incorporating more pictures (not just my own) and more of my recent interests, which of course includes the design + decor.

And I’ve also been playing soccer, plugging away at Zumba, working, hoping to get in some more golf practice, and looking forward to catching up with some friends this week.