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I’ve officially moved! You can now read the K Squared blog here.

Wow, that was exciting and fun and stressful all at once! Hope you like the new site. Much is the same, but my template is now completely customizable because of the domain and hosting change.



Making some changes around here! Kevin spent some time yesterday setting up my new blog and transfering posts and pictures to my new blog at my domain name. It’s not quite ready yet, but I wanted to warn you that the time is coming to update your RSS feeds.

I’m doing something new with the new domain. I currently have this blog and a book blog, where I track my goal to read 101 books in 1,001 days, and I am going to start another blog as well, for fashion & design. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes that I’m taking on another project, but those who know me really well will realize this has been a long time coming. I have always been interested in fashion, and have been clipping stuff from magazines and making collages since I was a tween. So, it’s time to move into the 21st century and go digital! So, these 3 blogs will all be linked to my domain name that I purchased last year (sometimes it takes me awhile) and are currently linked to Kevin’s domain since he’s hosting everything together. Which is why I can’t give you the address yet.

Stay tuned for updates. I’m so excited about this!

Coming soon!

A few things I’m working on:

1. The vintage typecase project. It’s been slow moving, but I have pictures and some decorations/embellishments ready to go. I’m also doing some other picture projects, inspired by Elise Blaha.

2. A new peace update. I purchased a shirt in Key Largo last weekend that includes a saying I really love. And, as what always happens when I start thinking about the word peace again, I found another great quote that’s really sticking with me.

3. Incorporating some new design and decorating inspired posts into my blog. I’ve been so drawn to interior design and decorating (and crafting) blogs for a couple weeks now, and I’ve got to do something about it. I love, love, love the photo-heavy content and all the inspiration that comes to me when I look through some of these blogs: Design Sponge, Coco + Kelley, Decor8, Creature Comforts, and sooo many more.  

4. Along with the decor-blogging, I’ve been obsessed with Flickr lately. I’ve been marking so many pictures as favorites and making mosaics like they’re going out of style. I have to figure out something to do with all these lovely images. Suggestions welcome.

5. A new blog look! Kevin recently purchased a couple of domains, and since he’s now going to be hosting several with the package he bought, we’re going to incorporate mine in there as well. I bought a domain name (my name) last summer but I’ve yet to do anything with it, so I’m thinking of switching over. With this switch, I’ll be able to completely customize my design, and incorporate Google Analytics (which was my one complaint with WordPress), and just change up some things. It’s quite exciting really! I’m going to try to learn more about websites and HTML during this process, so bear with me. With this new look, I’ll be incorporating more pictures (not just my own) and more of my recent interests, which of course includes the design + decor.

And I’ve also been playing soccer, plugging away at Zumba, working, hoping to get in some more golf practice, and looking forward to catching up with some friends this week.

Guest Post

I guest blogged at The Dayton Time today.

Top searches

One thing I love about WordPress is that I’m able to see what search terms have led people to my blog. I’ve been keeping track for awhile now, specifically keeping track of the odd ones, and here’s what has brought me some visitors:

“TV program review blog” – I have no idea.

“Greek + Declare Yourself” – probably because of this post.

“Ryan Lochte Daytona Beach” – probably because of this post.

“ISTJ Catastrophe” – What?! Are you mocking my personality type?

“ISTJ as a consultant” – not a clue, although I’ve commented on this blog. (PS, the author of the MBTI blog is the same personality type as me.)

“barak obama” – seriously people?! He’s the President! LEARN HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME!

“Got glasses” – yup, sure did.

“you look like sandra bullock” – yup, sure do.

“ISTJ under pressure” – uh yeah, you stole my words.

“Do you look like Katie Holmes?” – I’ve never heard this before in my life, but it could be because some blogs I stalk mentioned they have heard they look like her, and I commented on those posts.

“creativenotions.net” – I have no clue how this site could possibly be related to mine.

“K squared alcohol” – oh Lord. Anyone want to guess how this came up? Because I have no clue.

What crazy search terms have led people to your blog?


Finding inspiration in this blog. Love her photos. Love her thoughts.

Google Reader

I’ve said before that I read a lot of blogs, but Kevin reads even more. I know he doesn’t keep up on all of them, just picks out the topics he likes best (thank god for Google Reader) and skims the rest. I don’t know how he does it.

I currently have 415 posts in my Google Reader to catch up on, but Kevin has over 1,000!

1000+ of anything to me screams clutter! disorganization! headache!

So, who’s the blog nerd now?