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golf adventures

Recently, with Kevin’s influence, I’ve gotten into golf. My grandmother gave me her clubs when I moved to Florida almost 3 years ago, but other than the occasional trip to the driving range, I hadn’t used them that much. A couple weeks ago, we went to the range two days in a row, and then I went to a women’s golf clinic, where I learned a lot.

We went to the range again on Friday night, and I had the worst time (at the range part anyway – my chipping and putting was great). I couldn’t hit consistently and I couldn’t get my form right. A big part of the problem was that my arms were incredibly sore from my intense workout earlier in the week, and I was hurting and afraid to loosen up.

driving range

But yesterday, I had a great experience. I couldn’t figure out why my first couple of drives weren’t going very far, and I was already getting frustrated when Kevin told me to move my body a little more. He can tell me all he wants, but until I realize on my own what the problem is, I can’t fix it. I tried watching him for a few swings, but still nothing clicked.

Kev golfing 2

A couple swings later, things were working much better for me, and I figured out my problem: I was keeping my arms way to close to my body and wasn’t allowing for a full swing. I was too tense and tried to hit the ball too hard. Once I eased up and got a wider swing, there was a world of difference in my drives. Success!

Kevin worked out his own issues too so the experience was positive for both of us. (I hate going home frustrated!)

Kev golfing

We went through nearly 200 balls between the 2 of us!

golf balls

Sorry about the quality of the photos; I took them all with my blackberry.


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