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Jon & Kate and the great debate

I didn’t want to add to the media hype. I really didn’t. We have trouble in Iran and so much violence, a tough economy and 3 (THREE!) celebrities dying in one week’s time. We shouldn’t really be focused on Jon & Kate and their 8 kids.

But I feel compelled. There is so much debate out there about what actually led them to file divorce papers, did they cheat on each other, why they believe it will work to keep their home and trade off staying there, and most importantly – what about the kids?

My first thought upon hearing of the divorce on Monday’s TLC special was “those poor children.” They are already in the limelight (thanks mom and dad) and have had to deal with so much paparazzi in the last 4 months or so since the rumors started flying about Jon having an affair. It was getting to the point where the show wasn’t really about the kids anymore, which is what Kate maintains was the reason for doing it all along – “for my kids.” So she could provide for them. I’m not so sure.

Providing for her kids would mean pulling them out of the limelight – especially now. No one expected this show to make it this big, but as is what happens with most reality shows – the couple gets in over their heads. It’s not really about documenting the kids’ lives anymore.

TLC announced that it is putting Jon & Kate Plus 8 on hiatus until early August so the family can “regroup” after the news of the divorce. Kate said on Monday’s special that she feels like a failure, and that now her family is just a statistic (parents of multiples have 3 times the divorce rate, she has said before). I don’t understand how she is going to be providing for her kids while under such emotional distress. I don’t know how my parents raised my sister and me after divorcing. I haven’t been in those shoes, and I hope to god I’ll never have to be, but as the child of divorced parents, I don’t think it’s the right thing to keep the show going. As Jon himself said, it’s going to be a tough adjustment. Why would you allow TVs into your home while your kids are in such a vulnerable state?

It’s time to pull the plug on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

What do you think?


2 Responses

  1. I have so much invested in this show, it’s ridiculous. Now I hear that Jon has a new girlfriend, different from the one he was originally accused of cheating with. I just think the pressure of raising 8 kids and having your lives filmed at least three days a week was too much. I guess we’ll see what happens!

  2. I did see on People.com that he was spotted in St. Tropez with his new “girlfriend” who is going to be helping him design his new kids clothing line. Who knew?

    In all seriousness though, if my life was taped when I was a new child of divorce, I’d have had so many problems with my confidence and the whole reality/paparazzi issue.

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