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The power of music therapy

I have always loved watching the national anthem performed, before sporting events or other performances. Sometimes I don’t really even think about the words and what they mean, other times I get chills actually thinking about them. Sometimes I think the performer really makes the song overdone and complicated, sometimes I think there isn’t enough energy in the performance.

And sometimes, I’m blown away.

Like last week when the NBA Finals were on TV. Full disclosure: I don’t like basketball, it’s my least favorite sport to watch, but when the Finals are on, I don’t mind so much. But I can never watch the entire game, and certainly not without also trolling the Internet or something else. But for some reason, I happened to catch the national anthem before the game, and saw 7-year-old Gina Marie Incandela, a girl with autism whose mother was told she would never hear her daughter speak. But through music therapy, she started speaking, and singing. And singing. And singing.

She has now sung The Star Spangled Banner at several Orlando Magic games, and even some MLB games as well. She is incredible. I had tears in my eyes watching her on TV last week. You have to see this.


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