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Have you ever been surrounded by people who so obviously know what they’re doing, and you look around and wonder why the hell you ended up in the middle of madness? Yeah that was me tonight. I walked into a dance studio to a Zumba* class, and immediately got jittery. I have never felt more out of place in my entire life. I was just about to step up to the front of the line to register and I was thinking to myself, “It’s now or never. I can either walk out that door and save my pride, or I can suck it up and hope I don’t fall over.”

That’s where they hook you. The first class is free! How could I say no?

I stepped way out of my comfort zone tonight. I really did almost turn and run out the door. Several times. But I’m so glad I didn’t! I have no rhythm whatsoever, so it was hard for me, I won’t lie, but it was very fun! It was a great workout – an entire hour of cardio, great music, I met some new people, and I left feeling very satisfied. I will probably go back next week too! And I might take my equally clumsy friend with me, and I won’t feel so alone.

*Zumba is cardio dance with latin/international music & flavor. It’s a little sassy, but fun, and great exercise. Interested in learning more about Zumba? Click here. Perhaps I should have read this before I took the class.


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