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Michigan trip, part 2

I’m sorry to keep you waiting on the Michigan trip recap, it just escaped me. I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since my friend got married! Now both of my best friends are hitched.

After some family time on Thursday and Friday, we headed about an hour north of my parents’ houses to Grand Rapids, home of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, as well as the Grand Rapids Public Museum, where the wedding took place. It was a great location in the city, right near the river, some parks, and within short walking distance of some great bars. And the best part? Our hotel was a hop across the street. Can’t get any better than that!

The rehearsal was a little long as the bridal party was large (8 on each side) but the dinner was a blast.

photo courtesy Sarah

photo courtesy Sarah

My dear friend and fellow bridesmaid Tre found us these cute Bridesmaid hoodies in black to wear at the salon, and a white one for the bride-to-be. Aren’t we hot?!


And crazy Carly had to buy us all a shot – a dirty girl scout, which despite the appearance (it’s a slightly more appealing green than, say, baby upchuck) it was actually darn good.



The hoodies were actually one of the best ideas ever because we woke up on Saturday morning to rain and wind and cold. Let me tell you, it was not easy waking up at 8 a.m. to head to the salon and it’s freezing cold outside and you feel like you’re in a different time zone. But, once inside the salon we toasted the bride-to-be with mimosas and got pampered. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but my hair was all kinds of crazy. My hairstylist was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but man she had a thing for 1980s hair because I didn’t know my thick hair could get that large.

Sarah pic 9

After a few hours of getting dressed, having Sarah fix our hair (yes, there were 4, count ’em – FOUR of us, including the bride who needed hair revamps after the salon visit) and taking pictures, it was time for the real show. The reason we all flew from different parts of the country to be with our girl.

photo courtesy Sarah

photo courtesy Sarah

Ahh..love. So happy for you two!

just married!

just married!

Then it was time to party! The bride and groom expressed their wishes for everyone to dance, enjoy some drinks and just have fun. She was so concerned with our having a great time that she kept asking us all, “where’s your drink?” and “aren’t you going to have a drink?” Trust me, we did. She’s so sweet.

Sarah, another bridesmaid whom most of us went to middle school with, choreographed a dance for the bridal party to the apple bottom jeans song. We had about 10 minutes to learn it, and about 5 minutes to teach our wedding party partners how to do it. It was quite hysterical actually. Here we are shaking it, although we’re all a little off.

"and the whole club was looking at her"

"and the whole club was looking at her"

Michigan - May 2009 186

"give that big booty a slap"

We all had so much fun at the reception, although I swear it was the fastest reception in wedding history. Or maybe it just felt that way. The food was great, we took some pictures on a carousel, we boogied, chatted with old friends and before you know it the reception was over. But not really over.

A bunch of us who went to high school together and even some new friends went a few blocks over to a piano bar. Let me tell you, I LOVE piano bars. And they were playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” which of course you all know is my absolute favorite song. I just had to bust out.

photo courtesy Sarah

photo courtesy Sarah

It was totally worth walking the few blocks in high heels to sing to Journey and reminisce with old friends. I don’t remember what time we made it back to the hotel; I think it was around 2 a.m., which is the latest I’ve stayed out in awhile (except for Vegas of course), but I had so much fun I didn’t care! I didn’t even look too bad the next morning either, when we all met in the hotel cafe for brunch and a recap.

Michigan - May 2009 220

Sunday afternoon we hit up the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and walked down by the Grand River until we took a cab to the airport. What a great weekend with fam and friends.

Love you Monique. So proud of you both. Best wishes as you head to Washington this week and start your new life together!


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