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I know I’m getting older…

…when new appliances are the excitement of the week! Kevin & I had been researching energy efficient washers and dryers for a few months and on Sunday he finally found a good deal at Lowe’s.


He ordered them online on Sunday afternoon, and they were supposed to call later in the week to set up a delivery time. THEY CAME ON MONDAY MORNING!! But I wasn’t home..obviously. So they tried again Monday afternoon, and no one was home again, but on Tuesday morning they finally caught Kevin before he’d gone to work. They set up the appliances and took the old ones with them, gave Kevin a demo and were on their way within 45 minutes.

Of course I was thrilled when I got home from work on Tuesday. So thrilled in fact that I kissed my new laundry machines.

loving on my new appliances

loving on my new appliances

obviously excited

obviously excited

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, but I had the wrong lens on the camera. (I just got so excited and started snapping!)


2 Responses

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  2. Yay for a new washer/dryer!

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