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Have you heard the news about Miss California?

You know, the one who opposed gay marriage at the Miss America pageant in a response to Perez Hilton and drew instant national attention?

I just want to know why people care if a man marries another man, or a woman marries another woman. It’s probably these same people who are opposed to gay marriage who are also for telling women they can’t make decisions about their own bodies.

I do applaud Miss California Carrie Prejean for staying true to her beliefs, and especially since a crown (OMG a crown!) was at stake, but have you heard the most recent news? She is the newest face in a $1.5 million ad by the National Organization for Marriage. I think Megan McCain and others in the new younger generation of republicans are probably thrilled, but this angers me. It’s wrong to deny people rights based on sexual orientation.

I think people who declare their hatred for same-sex marriage don’t always realize that most legislation regarding the issue also includes denying those heterosexual couples (such as my relationship) of the same rights. Meaning, if I were in the ICU after a horrific car accident, Kevin would have to wait outside the walls because we’re not married. Which also means I’d be left alone in ICU until someone in my family could make the 1,200 mile trek to my bedside. I just hope that people consider this when they join the “anti-same-sex marriage” parade.


3 Responses

  1. Katie, you and Kevin sign a mutual medical power of attorney, giving each other the right to visit and make medical decisions on each other’s behalf, and you won’t have to support radically redefining marriage between a man and a woman to stop worrying about being alone in the ICU.

    The two have nothing to do with each other.

    Go Carrie Prejean.

  2. […] upheld its same-sex marriage ban. I will spare you the entire rant because you’ve heard it before, but I just wanted to say that I’m very disappointed. To me, California is the free spirit. […]

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