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Things I’m wondering today

1. When Twitter will no longer be referred to as “the micro-blogging site where users enter their status in 140 characters.” The whole world is a-Twitter. Businesses are using it, along with celebrities, media conglomerates, and people just like me…doesn’t everyone know what Twitter is? I just find it a little funny that every time I read a story about Twitter (which is almost everyday), the writer has to explain what it is. Does anyone else feel this way?

2. About local cooking classes. Yesterday I bought a Taste of Home magazine with some super great recipes, and I’ve been really into experimenting lately. I don’t always have the time to cook, but lately I’ve been finding so many recipes, and it’s making me wonder if I should take a class or something. Wouldn’t that be fun?

3. Where to go on vacation later this year. I know, I know, I just got back from Vegas, and I’m heading to Michigan in 3 weeks, but that was wedding related 🙂 Kevin found this resort in St. Lucia and I’m kind of hung up on it now, to the point where I can’t even think of other places to go, but we haven’t officially decided yet. One thing’s for sure though, we’re not going to Mexico.

4. What I should do with all the pictures from Las Vegas. I have 60+ of my own, plus pictures from the other girls, and I would love to do something with them I just can’t decide what. Maybe I should browse Photojojo for awhile; I am always inspired by the photography projects featured on that site.

On an unrelated note, I found this post yesterday on the Zen Habits blog about finding inspiration.

What are you wondering today?


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