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Upon waking up this morning, Kevin’s first words to me were “how many vacation days do you have this year?” And after I answered, he announced he would like to go somewhere later this year and that I should be thinking about where I’d like to go.

YAY! I can do that!

Only…here’s the hard part: where do we go? There are so many places we’d both like to go, places I’ve been but he hasn’t, and vice versa, that we’d like to experience together, etc. He said he’s up for one of 2 places: somewhere where we can just relax and be lazy (like a cruise, or some place tropical, like Cabo San Lucas), or to a place that has plenty of things to do and see in a 4 or so day period.

Any suggestions?

While you’re pondering, I’ll be in beautiful Las Vegas for a girls trip. Be back with an update early next week. Ciao!


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