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Must be a sign

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been operating on autopilot for awhile; my routine was getting boring, and just last week I started taking a different route to and from work to try to break the boredom. I’ve even started mixing up my exercise routines to incorporate some lunges, squats, sit-ups, anything different from what I usually do to get out of that rut. I have been wondering what else I can do to snap out of the “blahs” I was feeling for a few weeks (I actually think part of my blahness was due to my allergies knocking me down on my ass for the past month or so).

With all that on my mind, I got a new issue of Glamour in the mail on Saturday, and did something out of the ordinary: I checked my horoscope. Now, I don’t live by these by any means, but occassionally it shocks me how accurate it is to what I’m feeling or what I’m going through. And what did it say this time?

“Your life’s been on autopilot for months; now frisky Mars in your house of routine wants change.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Now to break out of the rut…any ideas?!


One Response

  1. I make small changes to my routines when I’m in a rut. I also force myself to get up earlier and make the effort to look nice when I usually don’t. I spend a little more time on my make up. I read in the bath. I go for coffee with a friend. Anything really that I don’t do often.

    🙂 Hope you get out of your rut soon!

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