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The spree continues

Remember last weekend when I went shopping and purchased all those fun, colorful springy clothes? Well, I did it again. I went with the intention of buying black strappy shoes for weddings coming up this year. I got the shoes, but I got a whole lot more too! The best thing? I went with 2 friends to the new outlet mall in St. Augustine, and we all had the BEST luck shopping! We were in awe every time we tried on clothes, saying “this never happens!” I found a suit, three dresses (THREE!), shoes, and a couple more things for work. Outlet malls are really the way to go, because everything is discounted already, and even though they are last season’s clothes, most items really are classics, things that you can wear for a long time. I may have only gone there to buy shoes, but when I have that much luck trying on clothes, it’s like a sin not to purchase them!

Meanwhile, Kevin ordered a bunch of new clothes for himself from Express. He really is a fun guy when it comes to shopping because he’ll try on just about anything I find for him. And he usually likes it. We normally go shopping for him once a year (maybe twice) and he gets several things because he can wear them everywhere. (Unlike me, he can wear jeans to work, and tennis shoes too, if he wants. He is attempting to dress a little bit nicer though, which was the reason for this shopping spree.) This time though, he ordered everything online. He bought jeans, khakis, black pants, gray pants, 2 pairs of cargo shorts, 2 polos and I think 4 long-sleeved collared shirts and a belt, which sadly, was the wrong size. But hey, it was the one thing in 16 items that didn’t fit! Not bad when you order everything online!

I had just finished all of my laundry when I set off the shopping spree yesterday morning. As I was coming out of one of the dressing rooms, armed with all my clothing (shout out to Ann Taylor Loft!), Kevin texted saying that his clothing arrived at the house. All 16 items. In one big box. There’s only one small problem about the whole situation.


Clothing is scattered all around the bedroom now. See?

clothing mess
clothing mess
notice the large box from Express
notice the large box from Express

Here is Kevin’s pile of goodies. I got him to branch out of his usual order-it-in-blue mode – he bought this shirt in green and marmalade (I call it tangerine)!

16 things in this pile!
16 things in this pile!

And currently, my things are hooked on other hangers and folded in a nice pile because they have nowhere else to go at the moment. (I’ll be buying more hangers today.)

see? nowhere else to go but the floor
see? nowhere else to go but the floor
I don’t even feel bad with all these purchases, despite the economy and what everyone is saying about hoarding money right now. I wasn’t expecting money back from taxes so what I got was an awesome surprise. And don’t worry, I didn’t spend it all. 🙂

2 Responses

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  2. It may be nothing but piles of clothes, but it certainly looks classy! Your furniture looks amazing 🙂

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