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One thing I love about WordPress is that I’m able to see what search terms have led people to my blog. I’ve been keeping track for awhile now, specifically keeping track of the odd ones, and here’s what has brought me some visitors:

“TV program review blog” – I have no idea.

“Greek + Declare Yourself” – probably because of this post.

“Ryan Lochte Daytona Beach” – probably because of this post.

“ISTJ Catastrophe” – What?! Are you mocking my personality type?

“ISTJ as a consultant” – not a clue, although I’ve commented on this blog. (PS, the author of the MBTI blog is the same personality type as me.)

“barak obama” – seriously people?! He’s the President! LEARN HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME!

“Got glasses” – yup, sure did.

“you look like sandra bullock” – yup, sure do.

“ISTJ under pressure” – uh yeah, you stole my words.

“Do you look like Katie Holmes?” – I’ve never heard this before in my life, but it could be because some blogs I stalk mentioned they have heard they look like her, and I commented on those posts.

“creativenotions.net” – I have no clue how this site could possibly be related to mine.

“K squared alcohol” – oh Lord. Anyone want to guess how this came up? Because I have no clue.

What crazy search terms have led people to your blog?


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