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25 things

I refuse to add this “25 Random Things About Me” list to facebook, so I’ll add it here. As seen on a couple other blogs I follow.

25 Random things (gosh by now you should know my entire.life.story)

1. My eyes are starting to adjust to my new specs. Yup, yours truly just got glasses. Here’s your picture Mom.


2. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult, and I can’t wait for her new book to come out on March 3!

3. My mom’s due date with me was November 4. I was born 5 days early on October 30. Ironically, my aunt’s due date for my cousin was October 30, but she was born 5 days early as well.

4. I really, really, really wish I could sing.

5. I’m slightly OCD. The clothes in my closet MUST all be facing the same way. And yes, I realize this screams control freak. You love me anyway.

6. I am becoming more and more hooked on politics as I get older…and not just nationally. I went to a City Commission meeting this week….for fun! And I’ve actually been asked several times in the past 6 months if I’ll be running for office someday.

7. I would love to go to New York City someday soon. Or Paris. Or both.

8. I love to play Scrabble and use the word “qua.” It means “in the capacity or character of.”

9. I would like to get into running Marathons..or Halfs…or even 5Ks. If only I could get into running the first mile…

10. People always ask why I moved from Michigan to Florida and I always say the weather. Truthfully, it was for a nanny job, but the weather was a major factor. But honestly, it’s been so fricken cold here this winter (I’m talking record-setting, frosty windshields, killed plants and windchills in the 20s) that I might as well have been in Michigan. I wouldn’t mind the frigid temps so much if I could actually be surrounded by the beauty of winter. Trust me, cold temps and beachy scenes just don’t mix.

11. I have one sister (younger) and an older step-brother and step-sister, and 2 nieces and 4 nephews. Sadly, they all live far away and I don’t know them very well. (With the exception of my sister, of course…we know each other pretty well. I think. I would hope.)

12. I’ve never broken a bone. But, I’ve had 1 hospital visit and 2 foot surgeries (due to a very, very rare foot tumor that no one seems to be able to tell me more about but that, once removed, is always followed by a “you know, this could grow back…”).

13. Speaking of foot surgeries…the first time I had the tumor removed, I woke up to my mom standing next to me and no doctors around me at all. The second time it was removed, I woke up to the doctors shoving the tumor in my face in a tiny plastic bottle and saying “would you like to keep it?” Really.

14. I currently have more than 50 books on my bookshelves that I have not read.

15. I am not doing so well keeping up with Twitter lately! Sorry folks.

16. I’m afraid to read that book Skinny Bitch but at the same time I’m dying to know what’s in it. I’m afraid because, well, I already know that I eat too much red meat, I couldn’t survive on veggies alone, and a host of other eating habits I’d have to give up after reading it.

17. In my next life I’m going to be a doctor. Or a lawyer. But probably a doctor.

18. I would like to have 2 kids someday. Maybe even 3. But I’m told you shouldn’t really answer that until you’ve had one.

19. I use this Chi flat iron to straighten my hair almost every day. I have naturally wavy, frizzy, unruly hair.

20. I like to choose my wine by the design on the label.

21. I want to learn to ballroom dance. This is due in part to Dancing With the Stars. Someday maybe I’ll be able to move like that.

22. I have probably mentioned this before, but it’s totally worth mentioning for this list because it’s completely random – I have crazy insane dreams when I take Benadryl. Just last night I had a dream that I cheated on Kevin with Leonardo DiCaprio.

23. I have increased my usage of environmentally friendly things in the past few months. I use a Target reusable bag for groceries, I use less paper towels and instead use my Rachael Ray moppine, and I haven’t bought bottled water in at least 3 months.

24. My favorite newspaper is the USA Today. I love the updates from all 50 states. And all the pictures. Also love The Wall Street Journal. And I still occassionally check my hometown newspaper – the Kalamazoo Gazette.

25. I like to write down random quotes all over my notebooks, and they’re currently scattered all over my desk. This is my favorite quote, which is a magnet on my fridge.

To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!  – Emerson

If you completed this meme, be sure to leave a comment and link back so I can learn more about you!


4 Responses

  1. Ok have you seen Strictly Ballroom? It might be harder to find on DVD but it is such a funny movie and it’s all about ballroom dance. You should find a copy and watch it.

  2. Some things…

    I WANT to ballroom dance, too! But that’s primarily because I covered Cheryl Burk’s ballroom studio opening in San Fran last year, and the whole case of DWTS was there, and many of them performed (I’ve never actually seen the show!).

    I also use a Chi…you know, on the odd day I leave my office cave in my house.

    I don’t blame you for wanting to live in Florida. Period.

    USA Today is the only newspaper I’ll actually pick up and read these days.

    Lastly, you look AWESOME in glasses!

  3. Cute glasses chica!

  4. […] glasses” – yup, sure […]

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