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Welcome February!

About 30 days ago I shared with you some of my goals for 2009. Now that we are 3 days into February (seriously, where does the time go?!) I thought I’d check in on some of those. My thinking is that I have to let you all know where I stand because many people give up on their goals or “resolutions” less than a month in, and I wanted you all to see that I’m still plugging away on mine. It’s all about accountability, right?

Money matters – I recently finished Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan, and much of what she said really resonated with me, as you saw last week. Two things Suze is very adamant about are saving for retirement and cutting costs to get the most bang for your buck during these uncertain economic times. I recently signed up for an ING Direct/Sharebuilder account (okay, really Kevin did it for me, but he did set it up with my money) and I’m now investing a small amount of money in the stock market each month. I do realize what stocks are doing right now, but I know that I am young enough to bounce back from what’s currently happening in the market. Suze constantly reminds people to think about the long-term, and that’s what I’m doing. Another thing I did recently? Changed car insurance companies, saving me $312 a year, or almost $30 a month. So, yes, Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance. I would really be doing you readers a disservice if I didn’t tell you to shop around for car insurance, because you can probably find a better rate than you currently have. And no, I’m not their spokesmodel (but I would be! Geico, are you listening?) Anyway, I made these small changes because they were two things I actually had control over.

One little word project – When I selected the word ‘peace’ to focus on in 2009, I was thinking peace as in contentment and not peace as in world peace. Because it would take a lot more than me thinking extra hard about that word for the problem to be solved. I was thinking peace and contentment with life…always loving what I am and what I have and focusing on my abilities. I’d like to be rid of the habit of saying “I wish I had this…” or “I wish I looked like this..” because these thoughts get me nowhere. I would like to continue focusing on my career, increasing my knowledge and my skills in areas outside of my comfort zone. So far I am doing okay with this, but still feel I have a ways to go.

Miscellaneous thoughts/goals – Those who know me well know I am a voracious reader, and one of my reading goals for this year was to expand my horizons. So far, I’m doing really well with this. I normally choose mainstream fiction books, but so far this year I’ve already read a digital photography book, and last weekend I picked up this book about American history. I already feel smarter. (Check out my book blog for details.)

And speaking of expanding my horizons, I watched The Three Amigos last weekend with Kevin, which is not a movie I would normally pick out. (We actually argue over movies sometimes because I don’t appreciate his “humorous” movie choices…I’m not sure I’ll ever get there, but I’ll try for him.) And, I tried a new recipe a couple weeks ago, and it was a hit! Try these cheesy chicken enchiladas…so delicious! One more thing..I’m exercising more efficiently thanks to a tip from my trainer (aka Kevin) to concentrate on keeping my core straight when I’m on the elliptical. I swear, it works wonders! I burn more calories this way and I feel taller when I step of the machine.

So there you have it folks. How are you all doing on your ’09 goals?


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  1. Eh, just OK. I mean, I’m running every day again, so there’s that (I had vowed to do another marathon this year), and I’m cooking more (but still not every day!) and I’m trying to not eat as much junk…but it’s so haaaard! Wahhhhh! 😉

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