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The price of beauty

I’ll prelude this story by saying that Kevin takes long showers. Longer than me. Longer than my sister. Longer than just about every girl I know.

Last weekend after intense workout sessions, I had to shower and get ready quickly to meet some friends. While I was straightening my hair, Kevin decided to go through my bath products. I can’t say for sure what prompted him to do so from behind those shower curtains, but all of a sudden he said “My face…is ON FIRE!” and I immediately knew what he’d gotten into.  This product from Bath & Body.

It’s called True Blue Island Hot Spot Warming Body Scrub. It’s really thick and hard to sqeeze out of the tube and it smells like a huge tanning booth. I received it in a gift bag after being a bridesmaid in a wedding, and I have tried it out a couple times. I must say though, it’s evil! It really does burn your skin, and it really does stink, although it does a hell of a job getting rid of dead skin cells, and – KEVIN WAS WARNED OF ALL THESE SIDE EFFECTS. Anyway, here’s what went down in the bathroom after Kevin put that goo on his face:


Me: Babe, most women will do anything for beauty.

Kevin: Well it’s kinda crazy. This BURNS.

Me: And yet, there you are. Using my burning goo.

Kevin: How long do you have to leave this on?

Me: At least 30 seconds..maybe a minute? (I totally made that up, I just wanted to see what he would say.)

Kevin: [gets out of the shower a few minutes later and shows me his face. IT’S BRIGHT RED.] Did it work?!

Me: Absolutely. Your face is smoother already.

His face stayed red for a long time. In fact, he didn’t leave the house the rest of the day. Readers be warned!


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