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It’s Saturday night…

…and I’m on my couch, Jak curled up next to me, watching Kevin play Guitar Hero and feeling sleepy. But so excited about several things:

1. iTunes gift card. I love new music. Thanks sissy.

2. Went shopping with a friend today to deck out her new apartment with furnishings and decorations. And for myself, I got more storage baskets! I just love to organize.

3. Saw Marley & Me tonight with the girls. Such a great, funny movie, but soo sad too.

4. New workout shoes! I’ve been contemplating this purchase for awhile; I haven’t bought new athletic shoes in almost 3 years! I can’t remember where I found these, probably on a blog somewhere, but I love them:

from amazon.com

from amazon.com

5. Hanging at home tomorrow, reading this, watching a little football and maybe making some chili.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, and this rare Saturday post by yours truly.


3 Responses

  1. Marley & Me was pretty amazing, but the book is even better, of course 🙂 And I LOVE the new Pumas – so girly and fun!

  2. I just watched Marley and Me on Sat. It was definitely better than the reviews said it was. Nice shoes. I REALLY love them.

  3. […] new shoes that I purchased a couple months ago – they are slowly being broken in and I love putting them […]

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