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A weekend of parties

Sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been prepping for the holiday cocktail party we throw at our house every year (yes, sometimes we are crazy). I couldn’t very well tell you before the party now could I? You might have all come a knocking on my door! (Not that I would ever turn you away.)

We spent Thursday night cleaning, prepping food, making brownies, arranging furniture, setting up our outdoor decorations – like our bear here -;


our greeter

and setting out all the booze,


Absolut Peach...delicious.

and getting liquored up, trying a few drinks, including my new favorite: Absolut Peach + Sprite…not very original, but that’s what you get when you make a drink at 11:45 p.m. I was up far too late and felt it on Friday evening at 7:30, right before our guests started arriving. (I also made the mistake of wearing some super-high heels on our super-clean floor…I never fell, but there were a few times I had to tell myself to s l o w down…who wants to end up on their butt at their own party?!)

The decorating and stress of having a few dozen people at my house was definitely worth it…especially when my friends started showing up.


Christine, me and Jenn

I hadn’t seen Jenn in a couple months and I was so glad she came! Christine is the lovely one who colored my hair a few days ago. We didn’t end up taking too many photos as we were busy playing host/ess and refilling drinks. I can’t even tell you how many people were in our livingroom – I lost all track! There were groups of people talking/laughing everywhere, and that’s all we really wanted…for our guests to have a great time. This is my favorite photo from the night:

winding down

winding down

I like it because everyone seems to be focused on something or someone else. No one was looking at the camera (except maybe me, although I don’t remember that picture being taken), they were just being. Just talking + laughing. After our lasts guests left around 12:30 am, we cleaned up the food and sat down on the couch to look at the photos and recap the night.

the livingroom post-party

the livingroom post-party

I think I fell asleep resting on Kevin. I know for sure I slept like a rock.

Saturday was spent catching up on a few things, doing a little shopping, and going to my work party. We time our office party with the boat parade so we can watch them going by. It was really cold and windy, but we tried to capture some photos anyway.


This was a really small boat, but you can't tell by all the decorations!

Today will be spent relaxing. Watching football. Catching up on laundry. My favorite way to spend Sundays!




One Response

  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! (I didn’t even get invited to my company’s Christmas party – how Grinch-like is that?)

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