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Here you go Mom. Our Thanksgiving weekend photos are now posted on Flickr. (Only the best ones of course!) We took 198 photos in our first 3 days after purchasing the Canon. And I think only 24 shots are actually posted on Flickr. What can I say? We’re still amateurs. We really love the black + white setting! (Poor Jak was our first subject, and he got pretty annoyed being photographed all the time. He was sick of the flash!)


I will have plenty of chances this weekend to take more photos; Kevin’s sister will be in town Thursday night; we have Christmas party #1 to attend on Friday night, and I’m sure I can find some other shenanigans worthy of photos. Stay tuned!


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely adorable pic of Jak 🙂

  2. Thanks Erica 🙂

    That shot was actually taken by Kevin, if I’m giving credit where it’s due!

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