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Black Friday

Flashback to Thanksgiving night:

Kevin asks me on the 2 hour drive home from Jacksonville if there were any deals in the circulars of the newspaper. Of course he means Black Friday deals. I know him and I know that the hates Black Friday, and that he doesn’t like shopping without a mission. He had to know what was coming: I said “of course, babe, there are tons of good digital cameras on sale!” We have been talking about getting me a new digi for a couple months now, and have been debating whether or not to splurge and get a really good one. We both realized we would like to get more into photography, and a good camera is a necessity. We researched all the sales that were in the ads, trying to find the best deal, even looking up reviews on Amazon.com until midnight last night. (You can see where this going….)

Here’s what went down today at casa ksquared:

– Up at 8am. Couldn’t sleep any longer. Shower. Kevin wakes up not too much later. (It should be noted that he threw on a t-shirt with the slogan “ON A MISSION.” Clearly, he was prepared for the day.)

– Leave the house a little after 9:00am; en route to Best Buy we get caught smack in the middle of the biggest traffic snarl I’ve seen in Daytona Beach in a long time. Can’t just be Black Friday shoppers can it? Seriously, this is insane! OH WAIT, who decided to have a Turkey Run race at the speedway on BLACK FRIDAY?!? I have never seen traffic backed up so far down the biggest road in Daytona and both Interstates. It was unreal. AND THEN….2 accidents. I look over at Kevin as he’s driving and just brace myself for whatever might fly out of his mouth because it was mostly me who wanted to venture out today. Yikes – our shopping trip might be cut short before we ever make it to the store!

– Genius Kevin remembers a back way to Best Buy that doesn’t include the pile of cars or much traffic. We pass an “ALL PARKING SPOTS $10” sign and think “what the hell? since when does Best Buy CHARGE for parking?” Oh, whoops. That was for those mad crazy shoppers who have been camping out since mid-day Wednesday to make sure they can get through those doors at 5am.

– Head straight for the camera section and DRAT! Some lady is taking her sweet time checking out cameras, and she’s currently tying up the one we came to BUY. She clearly didn’t know much about cameras, and continued to move down the line, and her young daughter then picked up the one I was after. THIS IS NOT GOING WELL, I start thinking to myself. Finally, she moved the cart and I pounced on that camera in a heartbeat and started clicking away. We both tested it out, looked over the other ones and finally flagged down one of those poor unfortunate souls a tired employee to get us the goods. Of course, we left the store with a new digital camera – the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi and it is SWEEEEET. (Anyone up for a photo shoot? Gotta practice!)

– After leaving Best Buy all giddy and ready to take on the world, we decided to go to Super Target, my all-time favorite store. Shockingly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as we anticipated, and we were in and out in about 45 minutes. Groceries, supplies, Christmas goodies, necessities and some extras and we were off…..to Panera. (You know, Panera has the best soup! Have you ever tried it? I get the creamy tomato and Kevin gets the French Onion. I recommend planting your hiney at your local Panera for lunch ASAP.) During lunch I kept emailing my mom about our Thanksgivings and my joy for the purchase of a new camera. Poor Kevin. (Sorry babe.)

– After our stomachs were full of Panera goodness, we hit Publix to stock up on a few food items. In and out in record time there as well. (I’m telling you, there’s no need to be up at 5am. You folks are crazy! I got everything I needed and then some and I SLEPT IN.)

– Upon arrival back at the house, we both got some sort of fire in our asses and went insane cleaning and organizing. (Ok, I admit, the organizing was all me.) But seriously, I helped Kevin move the living room furniture around and while he was busy drilling holes in the wall fixing wires and moving the speakers, I cleaned 3 cupboards and lined them with whatever that stuff is and organized our pantry, junk drawer and spice cabinet, AND did 5 loads of laundry.

Which is why, at 9:48pm on this lovely Black Friday, I’m drinking vanilla vodka and diet coke, and downloading Christmas music.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and found yourselves some bargains!


5 Responses

  1. wow. $10 for parking. wth!?

    people are crazy. black friday should be banned. its seriously getting way out of hand. a man died today at a walmart in ny because of a black friday shopper stampede. people are crazy.

  2. @ Constructive Attitude: Oh, I neglected to mention that we didn’t actually have to pay the $10. Besides the fact that the tween working the lot didn’t stop us to pay, we realized it was for those who had probably parked overnight in the lot.

    Also, did you know that in CA 2 men were shot dead at Toys R Us?! What is this world coming to that Black Friday deals are worth killing over?

  3. Seriously, i concur. but at the same time, a good sale is a good sale.however people SHOULD NOT be dying. i bet you black friday makes walmart a million plus.

    (Check out our blog if you get a chance :D)

  4. It sounds like you had a very productive day! And your camera is AWESOME – I’m so jealous! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the camera, Katie!

    Sounds like you guys had a fun, productive day!

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