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Takin it easy

I’m holed up alone in the house tonight. Which means plenty of relaxing. Ice cream. Catching up on Rachael Ray. Reading blogs. Painting my toe nails. All those girly things.

Why you ask?

I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet because tomorrow I have to be a social butterfly.

I will be attending a “Leaping Lunch” and networking opportunity for a couple hours in the afternoon, which I am excited for because I like meeting new people and I LOVE food. My goal at these events is usually to meet at least 5 new people, and I almost always meet that challenge.

Tomorrow night is the Margarita Ball and I will be out and about in formal attire. The Margarita Ball is intended to assure that underpriviledged children have a great Christmas. Each attendee is simply required to bring toys from local toy stores that will be distributed to children in the area. I am really looking forward to going with my friend, someone who so graciously extended to me an invitiation and someone with whom I worked on the fashion show for the Children’s Advocacy Center. She was thinking about going and it occurred to her that I might be a great person to accompany her. Exciting right? And I hear they have a margarita fountain…

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!


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