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A few random points

It’s Monday and we could all use some laughter to start out the week, so here. Watch this movie trailer for Role Models. (Warning: it’s vulgar but oh so hilarious!)

I saw that movie this weekend with my movie buddy, Tara, and it was so worth the money. We were cracking up the whole time! Funny as it is, it’s also raunchy, and I don’t recommend that you take your 10-year-old child to see this, because really, who wants to sit next to the kid who was told by his parents to “COVER YOUR EYES!” half a dozen times throughout the movie? Really, if the movie is rated R, it’s for a reason and perhaps that reason has something to do with SEX or naked people or FOUL language, and maybe, just maybe, it’s not the right movie for that night out with the family!

Done with that rant. On to the next one.

So, The Hills. Oh, The Hills. I’ve been watching this show for far too long. First I was watching because I was curious what was to become of the one and only Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach fame, and I was interested in her clothes and all the fashion and food that comes with L.A. And then I stuck around because for awhile she had somewhat decent taste in guys and I actually got curious about her potential love life. Then there was that god awful couple named Speidi and it was like a train wreck, no matter how bad it looked I couldn’t take my eyes off it! But really, I’m over all these people. SIDEBAR: I went to a Women In Business conference on Friday, and several of the speakers talked about how they had to give up certain “friends” or people in their lives, or certain activities that were doing nothing for them but bringing them down and wasting their time. I get it now! I really do. Sometimes, in order to get where you want to be, you have to do without certain things. Or people. Or whatever stands in your way. I GET IT. It was like a revelation – there are things I do that mean nothing to me, and that I get nothing out of. Girls of the Hills: I think I’m done with you. I wish you well. Oh, and if you have time, you should really read “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.” All of you.

But back to the humor. I highly recommend this blog, about Margaret and Helen, who are in their 80s and have been friends for 60 years. Hilarious. And amazing!


3 Responses

  1. I love Helen! And thanks for the movie recommendation… Grant and I have been looking for a good one now that I have time since the election’s over.

  2. Nooooo, anything but The Hills! You knew I’d have to chime in about this 😉

    I agree that the storylines continue to become more and more trivial, but that’s what makes it fun! It’s just interesting to see how other people live their lives (which is why I love other shows like Wife Swap, Real Housewives, etc.)

    There are a million and one more productive things to do with my time, though, I will admit that!

  3. Court – let me know what you think of the movie! Hope you like dirty humor.

    Erica – I figured you would be one of the first to respond. Sorry, but that show just brings me down. I don’t have much time for TV, so I’m sticking to the positive shows, like Rachael Ray. You know, the ones where I learn something. 🙂

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