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NFL Sunday

Sunday football used to mean more to me. I used to look forward to NFL games and the sound of football cheering as we lounged, read blogs and made early Sunday dinner. That feeling doesn’t come to me anymore when I wake up on Sundays.

My team has not been the same without Tom Brady. Like him or hate him, he’s an incredible player and he’s exciting to watch. His arm is something most quarterbacks only dream of having, and one that only the legendary players do have. He and his team have set so many records, including going undefeated in the regular season last year. I always looked forward to what was next; what more could he possibly do in his young career?

When he was injured in the FIRST. FREAKING. GAME. OF. THE. SEASON. I was devasted. I continued to watch what little Patriots games are actually televised in Florida, but the thrill surrounding the team was minimal after his injury, and the excitement of what could happen this season was diminished. I tried giving NFL Sunday more time, what with all the interesting games that were played early in the season. Who knew the Tennessee Titans would be the only undefeated team? Who knew the Miami Dolphins would be a 500 team mid-way through the season? Who knew the Dolphins would BEAT MY PATRIOTS?! Who knew that Ben Roethlisberger would be the highest paid NFL player? This season is really anybodys game, although many analysts would tell you Tennessee is the team to beat. I still think there will be some shockers before regular season play is over.

I have great hope that Tom Brady will play next year; whether he will be 100% I don’t know, but I just look forward to looking forward to NFL Sundays again. In the mean time, tell me who you think is headed for the Super Bowl this year.


One Response

  1. football? what is this football of which you speak? i think i’ve heard something about it, living in the buffalo area and what not, but i can’t exactly care.

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