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Boston Part Two

(Saturday, November 1)

Our hotel was invaded by Clemson fans, as we realized Boston College was hosting them in a big football game on Saturday afternoon. We got up early again, and made our way to Fenway Park. We already knew we couldn’t get a tour or get inside or anything because they’re renovating, but we got up close and personal anyway.



We walked all the way around the building, searching for some form of life. And we found some!


Then we stumbled upon some more really nice homes in the Back Bay area, which happens to be the most expensive residential area in Boston. But oh so gorgeous!


At noon we met up with my uncle and his partner. My mom’s older brother lives in the burbs and I haven’t seen him in 5 years, so he was surprised last week when I told him I was going to be in town. We followed them to Newbury Street, where we lunched at Joe’s American Grill, a great restaurant in the heart of the shopping district.

They also went with us to the Boston Public Library, which was next to our hotel, the Westin Copley Place. The library is amazing inside, so much history and so many old books! There were also plenty of old artifacts, photographs and art exhibits. I loved the courtyard, where I found a naked witch statue. (See all the other witch hats in the background?)


We debated what to do for the rest of the day…contemplated taking a trip to Harvard Square, but decided we didn’t need to see another college campus. Contemplated heading back to the harbor, but it started getting cooler as the day went on, and well, my Florida bones couldn’t take the cold, so just headed out without a plan.

Across the street from our hotel was Trinity Church, and it was probably the most beautiful church I have ever seen. The architecture was just amazing, and the inside was even better. I don’t really have words to describe it, because I don’t usually step into churches and I don’t have that much to compare it to, but I loved it. As luck would have it, as we walked in, they were beginning an organ demonstration, which just completes the church experience (and I’m not even religious).

After the church we headed through Boston Common again. That turned out to be a great idea, as it was Saturday afternoon and the park was full of people and dogs and fall colors. Gorgeous!



After a leisurely stroll, I got chilly again and needed more Starbucks. (Hot chocolate became my daily staple in Bahston.) Once again dinner was up in the air as neither of us could decide. Actually, I think we were both just cool being in Boston together that we didn’t care where we went. We continued wandering toward Quincy Market area again and hung out around the shops. We walked through Faneuil Hall, where the second floor has served as town meeting space for so many years.


We saw people performing in the crowds, like a guy playing his guitar, and another guy banging the crap out of a bunch of buckets – but he sounded really great!


We came across a building that looked like a crown and I just had to take a picture!


Continued walking and people watching – the best part about the big city – until hunger kicked in yet again and we succumbed. We found a cool Irish pub on a corner near the crown building and decided to give it a whirl. There was a sticker plastered in the window announcing that the place was ranked in Boston’s best restaurants, so it didn’t really take much to get our attention. Combine that with the thought of beer and football (Boston College vs. Clemson) and we were sold.

An Irish man was playing Irish music on his guitar and singing, and we were surrounded by college students cheering on their teams when a young girl appeared up front near the stage and started doing an Irish jig! She probably wasn’t much older than 10, but with some prodding by her mom and aunts, she got up in front of the crowded bar and danced! She was so cute I wanted to take a picture, but I didn’t want to scare the poor girl! I just clapped and enjoyed my vanilla vodka.



Because of daylight savings time we had extra time to our evening and we hit up Bar 10 at our hotel when we got back. I had 2 strawberry martinis while Kevin had a few blueberry mojitos and we tried little chocolate desserts. I loved sitting in the corner of a dark bar just laughing with Kevin while we watched people. And of course, being three sheets to the wind is kinda fun too.

Check out my Flickr site for all the pictures!


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