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Response to a comment

For the past 2 weeks I have participated in Daddy Dan’s new blog feature, “Ask the Bloggers.” I have been happy to contribute my answers to his thought-provoking questions. However, apparently my answer for this week’s question –  If you could go back in time and change any event in history, what would it be, how would you change it and why? – suggests I have “no pride in my country,” as LZaun put it.

Here is my answer to that question:

One of the first things I initially thought of changing was the Iraq war. But we don’t know yet how that will turn out, so although I don’t agree with what’s happening over there, I can’t say I would change the entire course of events that led us there. And I really wanted to have an intelligent, well thought out answer about some ancient event that I would change if I had the power, but that’s just it…you can’t change history. Everything that happened in America, in the world, etc., has led us to what we are today. And although I really wish we were a better America than what we currently are, everything throughout history has brought us to this point. It has taught us all something. I see this question the same way I see the question “do you have any regrets” – and I don’t think I do, because everything has taught me something.

And here’s the comment I received on my blog from that post on Daddy Dan’s blog:

Wow, I just read something you said on another site and you don’t have any pride for your Country! No matter what state our country is in right now, we are still the best in the world! Learn to have a little patriotism.

A woman who has a best friend FIGHTING for YOUR Freedom, and you can’t even appreciate it.

Since when is wanting to be a better America than we already are showing “no pride in my country?” Isn’t it better to want the best? Seriously, have you not seen what is going on in America? People are losing their homes, losing their jobs, and filing bankruptcy daily because of huge medical bills and the failing healthcare system. The price of food and gas is astronomical compared to even one year ago, and we are still fighting a war that is costing us $10 billion a day. Can you blame me for wanting “a better America”?!

This comment was absolutely no disrespect to the military – and believe me, I know plenty of people who serve or have served our country- but this war does not have a clear purpose. It is costing innocent lives.

And please, don’t make false anonymous judgments about me on my blog. I welcome comments, really I do, and I am absolutely not saying you have to agree with me, but there’s no need for these comments.


3 Responses

  1. Katie, you should both show more pride in your country and be more selective as to which baseball teams you root for! =)

    Seriously though, I didn’t see anything non-patriotic in your response.

  2. You can love your country and disagree with the government about the same time – that’s the great thing about America. There’s nothing patriotic about blindly following a leader who lies to you. I loved your response.

  3. @Dan, at least neither of our teams made the WS so can we be friends again?!
    @Court, I agree 100%. Thank you.

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