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A Week in the Life – Summary & Wrap Up

I took on this project after being inspired by Ali Edwards. She’s an awesome designer, scrapper, person. She’s so real and I just love reading her blog. She really appreciates the everyday life, something I was hoping to get out of this project myself.

So what did I learn?

A lot.

Sometimes I just get into that routine and everything just flies by and I can’t remember what I did the previous day. That was one of the reasons I took on this project. To try to appreciate the everyday things more. And I did realize that everyday things can be exciting – not only that, but everyday events are REAL. That’s life. As Ali always usually mentions on her blog, It is okay. “It is okay to take a lot of pictures one day and only a few the next. That’s life, right?”

After the first day, I was excited to wake up in the morning, wondering what would happen and what I could capture of that day. And even though I had some rough days, I still had the photos and the blogging to look forward to.

And it got me taking more pictures. If you’ll remember, in the beginning of this blog one of my hopes was to start taking more pictures. As I get older, and especially since I’m a long ways from my family and good friends, pictures are becoming more and more important to me. I definitely succeeded in taking more photos, and the plan is to continue documenting life. And another thing – some pictures I took that I wasn’t initially very happy with, I ended up using them for the project anyway because they were cool. Different. REAL.

And Kevin was even inspired! He took this photo with his iphone on the way home from work one night.

So what did you think of the project?

I’m off to Sea World in the morning, so expect some photos later this weekend!


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