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Engaging the next generation

So, you’ve heard it here before: young professionals are important. To a community, to business leaders, to the future of your local economy.

I have been so passionate about the YP movement since I attended the summit last month, and lately all I’ve been seeing are articles on young professionals, the next generation of the workforce, the creative class, etc. And for good reason. We should be popping up everywhere.

We young professionals popped up in The Wall Street Journal yesterday. The article was in a special section on working for small businesses, and this particular article mentioned that small businesses are probably more capable of giving the “young professional” the working environment he/she so desires. Small businesses are typically those that think outside the box, for many reasons, but also because with less money than large corporations it is necessary to get creative. My favorite pull quote from the article is this: “As boomers head into retirement, ‘companies don’t have a choice’ but to embrace the next generation of workers, says one consultant.” This is so true. Even if you don’t like us, you better get used to us.

Read the article and come back to discuss.

And the consulting firm that hosted the summit last month? Of course they were mentioned in the article!


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