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A Week in the Life – Day 7

Saturday, October 11

– Up at 8:20 after lying in bed for awhile. Read blogs while Kevin and Jak sleep in.

– McDonald’s breakfast. Jak rides with me and he gets cookies!

– Research Boston with Kevin. It’s pouring rain outside.

– Start laundry, give Jak a bath, clean bathroom, take a shower.

– Barnes + Noble with Kevin. Browse magazines, fiction section and Boston books.

– Home. Finish laundry. Scroll through Google Reader. Check mail – new magazine!

– Another storm is forming outside. Kevin plays a game on his iphone, Jak begs for his dinner early. Jak gives up and watches Kevin playing on his iphone.

– Catch a picture of the rainbow after the second round of rain.

– Talk about dinner options. Decide to have lasagna tomorrow night and go out to eat tonight.

– Stonewood for dinner. Delicious! Bruschetta for an appetizer, and I try the Razzitini. I have saddlebrook chicken, Kevin has NY Strip.

– Browse Target to walk off our big meal. Look at digital cameras.

– Watch Tivo’d Oprah, Rachael Ray shows. Go through old mail, bills, paperwork + clean out old stuff.

– Find good coupon websites thanks to an old Oprah episode.

– Set up Flickr account. Blog.


5 Responses

  1. What’s all this Boston talk?

  2. I love Boston plain and simple. Kevin and I have been talking about vacationing there, and when he realized he had a work trip coming up, he booked me a flight for a long weekend as a bday present…but who knows? maybe we’ll move some day.

  3. Hey KT!
    I love your project with all the snapshots of you and your life:) I would do the same thing with just the food I eat, haha. I love food pics, and I love your pizza pic, daaang girl! You’re inspiring me to document my life more…whether it’s a blog (yikes!), journal, or just slap things on my fridge..it’s a good idea:) Love you chica

  4. Glad to hear it Mo 🙂 It’s made me appreciate the everyday things more..look for a wrap up post soon. Love you 🙂

  5. i LOVE the rainbow pic! beautiful!!

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