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A Week in the Life – Day 6

Friday, October 10

– Wake up at 6:20 as usual. Shower, get ready for work.

– Love that my blackberry can tell me I have email before I even sit down to my computer.

– Those golden arches are calling my name this morning, and for the first time in about six months I stop at McDonald’s on the way to work. Grab vanilla iced coffee and 2 hashbrowns.

– Work = email, surveys, research, blogs, other fun projects.

– Lunch – I actually eat at work for the first time all week, with 3 female co-workers. Eat a bagel, veggie soup and mandarin oranges.

– Back to work for a few more hours. Time flies.

– When I leave work at 5 it’s still in the mid 80s, and is apparently supposed to continue this weather for the next week.

– Drive home. Realize that gas is down to $3.29, down almost 40 cents from a week ago. Unreal!

– Home at 5:40. Kevin is ready for the gym so we head out.

– Strength workout + 10 minutes on the bike. Still trying to take it easy on my knee.

– Love this routine. Gym is not so crowded on Friday nights – perfect.

– Stop at Target to pick up my prescriptions.

– Snap random photos from the car as Kevin is driving. Discuss how Kevin doesn’t take good pictures.

– Stop at Publix to get Jak’s food and our dinner.

– Quick shower at home while the oven is preheating. Make homemade pizza, our new favorite dinner choice.

– Pizza and one vanilla vodka + diet coke = delicious!

– Watch Baby Mama. Really funny movie, and it makes me want Karaoke Revolution.

– Watch the Red Sox game.

– Realize I only have one more day left of this project!


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