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A Week in the Life – Day 5

Thursday, October 9

Another bad day in the life. I swear I am not a negative person, I’m actually normally very optimistic, but this week has just been something else.

– Work is busy from the get-go this morning. I manage to get some things finished this morning.

– Make doctor appointment for next month.

– Call to check on the status of my new voter card. (Just an address change.)

– Design + layout again.

– I’m given another (small) project and start researching business blogs. (I love blogs!)

– Lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with 3 female co-workers. Interesting conversation about stomach problems, thankfully not mine.

– Return to work. Catch up on emails and news before running a couple errands.

– Realize that there are WAY too many idiots on the road at 3:00 in the afternoon. And WHERE IS ALL THIS TRAFFIC COMING FROM?!?

– Finally back to the office, and it looks like it’s going to pour at any time.

– As soon as it turns 4:00, the wind is blustering and the thunder is rattling my windows. Not quite raining yet. Kevin and our friend Tara keep texting me about going out for a drink after work, but I really want to work out.

– Email back + forth with a co-worker about the storm and realize there’s a tornado somewhere in the county.

– All hell breaks loose and everyone makes a mad dash for the door a little before 5 so they can beat the rain.

– I continue emailing, reading blogs and the news. Somehow in the midst of the impending storm I decide that I will skip the workout until tomorrow, and will instead grab a drink after work.

– When I finally make it out to my car, there are little lakes in the road because it’s been raining so hard. I try to take pictures of the storm but they don’t come out (see picture #2 above). Finally meet up with Kevin and Tara.

– Have veggie quesadillas and one vanilla vodka + diet coke. My mood is starting to get better.

– Take some funny pictures of Kevin eating and Tara’s mouth. She has a habit of taking pictures of herself and her mouth with other peoples’ cameras, so it’s nothing new to us.

– Realize the Detroit Red Wings are on TV at the restaurant and try to catch a bit of the game.

– Head home to check email, blogs and watch Grey’s Anatomy.


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