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A Week in the Life – Day 4

Wednesday, October 8


– Alarm goes off at 6:20, and I realize I didn’t wake up all night – unreal!

– Get ready for work. Check email, eat Special K for breakfast. Out the door at 7:30am.

– Work. Emails, design + layouts, press releases – utilizing my multi-tasking abilities.

– UNO’s for lunch, where I eat a delicious bowl of veggie soup and a salad. And guess who else chose to eat there? My boyfriend and our friend Tara! Quite the rare occurence considering we work on opposite sides of town. Nice mid-day surprise.

– Back to work. It rains for 4 hours in the afternoon, and gets really muggy by the time I leave for home.

– Stop at Publix on the way home. Grab chicken stir-fry for dinner. See all the Halloween decorations at the store.

– Read articles about last night’s debate. Feed Jak, catch up on home stuff.

– Watch a bit of Rachael Ray from a week ago. Pay some bills.

– Discuss work with Kevin while we cook chicken stir-fry. Jak wants some SOO bad.

– Watch Funniest Home Videos for a laugh.

– Email. Blogs. (Noticing a nightly routine, are you?) Check out some cute scrapbook + design products.

– Bed.


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