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A Week in the Life – Day 2

Monday, October 6


Not going to lie, this was a bad day. I don’t have those very often, but when I do it’s like Murphy’s Law.

– Woke up before the alarm and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Shower, remember nose spray – thankful later that I did; hear what I think is pouring down rain and check out the window. Sure enough, 10 minutes before I need to leave it’s raining cats and dogs. Wonder where that saying came from.

– Drive to work, it’s still somewhat dark out. At work by 7:45 am. Work is crazy busy and I start off the week on the wrong foot, that’s for sure.

– Lunch with two awesome YPG friends with whom I attended the summit a couple weeks ago. Exchange ideas with them about the coming year – what we can do to become more involved in the community and how to energize our group with some possible new events. Seriously the highlight of my day.

– Back to work. Emails, phone calls, off to the copy room at 2:05 to print the programs (350 of them) for our big event tomorrow at work. Something is wrong with the copier, my printer or the computer program in which I designed our brochure, and we cannot get it to print correctly to fold into a 4-page booklet.  

– After about a thousand attempts it’s finally printing 350 programs. A coworker points out a big box full of marketing materials and says “any anger can be taken out instantly on this box with a swift kick” and so we do just that. Kick the crap out of a box. Two times for each of us. (Seriously, it was just that kind of day.)

– Finally leave the copy room at 4:45 and get back to my desk. CRAP! It’s 4:45, I still have emails to send, tickets to the event to print, and about a million other things to do.

– Leave work at 5:30. Pass a gas station and realize that gas is down to $3.49. I paid $3.61 2 days ago. Of course.

– Stop at Super Target to pick up dinner. Smile when I realize the bird that was flying around inside the store the other day is still in here. Pick up frozen pizza and ice cream.

– Bank. Deposit check.

– Home. Feed Jak, play with him. He’s always excited to see me. Check emails again, finish up some small things for work.

– Cancel old cell phone. Bye, bye T-Mobile and your crappy service.

– Eat, work, blog. Call my sister who is pleasantly surprised to hear my voice. She didn’t know my new number yet and didn’t know it was me calling.

– Watch The Hills, Red Sox game – Sox advance! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  3. Yeah, the Sox advance….whoopie!

    At least we have good weather here (if not good teams). It’s been 80 degrees and sunny all week here in SoCal!

    (I had to have something on you!)

  4. Your dedication to The Hills, even after such a rough day, warms my heart. It’s like I see a little of myself in you.


  5. Dan – uh yeah, BoSox it is 🙂 and thanks for the weather update – it’s actually been 80 here in FL too, just rainy as well.

    Erica – sometimes I wonder why I still watch that show. Speidi is on my last nerve. But then I think, hey, my life is great compared to theirs. I mean, what does Spencer DO all day? read garbage and talk trash?!

  6. ugh! i hate a bad day! i need to remember the ‘kicking the paper box’ next time i’m having one!!!

  7. […] 16, 2008 · No Comments Remember last week when I was having some hard […]

  8. […] wondering what would happen and what I could capture of that day. And even though I had some rough days, I still had the photos and the blogging to look forward […]

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