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A Week in the Life – Day 1

Sunday, October 5


– Up around 9:15, and my first thought is “wow, I haven’t slept in this long in weeks!”

– Breakfast, catch up on Tivo’d Rachael Ray, check email, stay quiet while Kevin and Jak sleep.

– Good conversations with mom AND dad, both of whom tell me that it’s getting colder in Michigan. Makes me miss fall and the colors up north.

– Kevin leaves to play volleyball with co-workers. Finish laundry I started last night. I love putting away clean clothes! Think to myself that we need closet organizers.

– Play with Jak, play with new BlackBerry, search itunes, clean up the kitchen. Find our new pumpkins, which we will draw on this week. (We don’t carve the big ones, we just draw on the little ones :))

– Realize I should clean out the refrigerator. Eat the last brownie.

– Fill out rebate form for new BlackBerry. $100 mail-in rebates are awesome!

– Afternoon soccer practice does NOT help my sore knee. Come home to ice it and relax.

– Kevin goes out to grill our dinner and notices that we just might get a storm. Starts raining as he’s finishing up. Wine with dinner for the first time in over a month.

– Watch football, Red Sox game, Desperate Housewives. Bed at 10:30.


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