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Exciting News Here!

I have a new project for this blog. I was inspired by Ali Edwards – an amazing digital scrapbooker, photographer and designer – who is currently doing a “Week in the Life” project on her blog, where she captures life’s real moments every day and describes the day’s events, thoughts and feelings. Ali’s goal of course, besides capturing life’s moments, is to scrapbook the results. I personally don’t have time to scrapbook, and I haven’t done it in years, but I just love the idea of capturing the everyday. I love the idea because she is right – we really should concentrate on the little things, the REAL things in life and life’s imperfections. I love reading about how other people spend their days, so I’ve decided to try this for myself.

For one week – Sunday through Saturday (October 5 – 11) I will be posting photos from my day and providing a snippet of events, thoughts, news, favorite quotes, etc. I am really excited about this project and I hope it teaches me something about myself! I am also hoping to give my mom and some friends back home in Michigan a glimpse of my life in Florida.

You can read more about Ali’s project and catch up on her week in the life here.

Switching gears a bit, I’m looking into using Google Reader. I have heard from several people lately how much they love it and how it’s great for organizing so many blogs. I’ve yet to try it but I think I’m going to spend the time this week to set it up. I’m looking for your advice – do you use Google Reader? Love it? Hate it? Please comment!

And lastly, I got a BlackBerry today! Yay! Kevin and I got a family plan and I got a new BlackBerry Curve and he got the iphone. I love it!



I’ve never gotten a brand new phone when it first comes out; never been a real techie or anything, so this is a big purchase for me. Now I just have to learn how to use it.


5 Responses

  1. I love google reader, except I hate that you can’t subscribe to private blogs.

  2. I don’t know anything about Google Reader, but I do know that I love BlackBerries and even moreso the iPhone, so I’m extremely jealous that you guys have both! I’d been looking at AT&T plans for me and my boyfriend, just because I was so interested in the iPhone, but everything seems so much more expensive through them!

  3. I set up Google Reader – it’s awesome!

    Erica, we actually got a great joint plan – it’s going to be about $130 a month combined, but that includes unlimited texting, 550 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, data for both of us, and it’s free to call each other. We also have rollover. We just found out that we get a discount through Kevin’s employer as well… I was afraid of the cost, be we really lucked out. We had an awesome salesman too. Email me if you would like more details 🙂

  4. I use Google Reader and love it. It’s so much easier to keep track of your favorite blogs.

    Congratulations on the blackberry. You know you can log into your Google Reader on there too, right? I read blogs on the train to work every day.

  5. […] 17, 2008 · No Comments I took on this project after being inspired by Ali Edwards. She’s an awesome designer, scrapper, person. She’s […]

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