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my (close) encounter with an olympic athlete

I came thisclose to meeting him last week.


daytona beach swimming

courtesy daytona beach swimming


Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is from Port Orange, Florida (the city in which I reside) and trains at the Port Orange YMCA (the gym where I am a member) and was recently honored by the City of Daytona Beach for his achievements. I stopped by to represent my employer at the festivities.

My thoughts? He wasn’t as big as I was expecting. Is it just me or do they really make the athletes (and especially swimmers) look much larger on television? He was tall, but not much over 6′, and is pretty thin. Now I know swimmers are ripppppped and all, but really, he was looking quite thin. He still looked in excellent shape, and was wearing – what else? – flip flops. (I say that because it FL, we wear flip flops all.year.round.)

Anyway, after hearing him accept the recognition and a key to the city, and hearing his parents speak, he was ready to sign autographs. Now I remind you that I was merely stopping by, during work hours, and it was over 90 degrees. And we were right in the sun. In dress clothes. And well, we had work and meetings to return to. So we didn’t get to stay for the autograph session.



6 Responses

  1. he is pretty. and that is a fabulous pic you chose.

    how exciting! i could deal with a thin, not-as-tall-as-we-thought olympic swimmer. LOL!

  2. oh! and was his hair kinda shaggy? or short like in the pic? i dig his shaggy hair. 🙂

  3. he had curly shaggy hair. I prefer the hairstyle in the pic I found…

  4. i have a fantastic story about an encounter i had with an olympic swimmer. let’s just say – those olympic ring tattoos are fantastic in person.

    also… was invited to dinner at an olympic swimmer’s house for this thursday. not sure if my husband would be so excited for that… haha.

  5. Lesli – WHAT?! you must share!

  6. […] Lochte Daytona Beach” – probably because of this […]

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