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“Sorry, I’m busy…”

I just returned from my third after-work event this week. That’s right, I had after-hours events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. And last weekend? Going away party. The weekend before that was Wedding Weekend #2, and before that was a trip back to the Midwest.

And next weekend? I’m traveling for work from Thursday – Sunday. (Which means, unfortunately, that I’ll be missing the TWO HOUR SEASON PREMIERE OF MY FAVORITE SHOW, Grey’s Anatomy. But that’s why we have Tivo, right?!) So, after that is the first weekend in October…oh yeah, launch party for new website, brought to you by the local newspaper. Then after that? So far, NOTHING 🙂

That’s right. Three unplanned weekends before the BIG EVENT. What big event? That would be my birthday and celebratory weekend away. (Yeah, I’m really gonna leave you hanging here, but I promise to divulge details soon!)

In between these weekend plans, I’m compiling the contact list for our new soccer team, ordering custom t-shirts for our team, cleaning, working (which lead me to an awesome event this week, and no it wasn’t after hours, but I’ll tell you soon), and trying to have some sort of life with my boyfriend and other friends.


I love my life, job, friends, soccer, etc….but man I’m tired! How do people do it with kids?!?

I just had to vent. Thanks for listening. And stay tuned!


4 Responses

  1. Missing the Grey’s premiere!??! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the stress! 🙂

    I’m a little excited about my fave shows all coming back. I’ve been recording the finales from last season to remind me of what happened. Oh, how I love TV!!

  2. oh my gosh i have that same thought all the time! i am so exhausted right now i don’t know how i’d EVER manage with kids! parents amaze me=)

    also… to commiserate… i will be watch the grey’s premiere after the fact, and that does not make mama happy!

  3. […] I will have some free time though, so stay tuned because I’m going to tell you all about The Big Event! […]

  4. […] 27, 2008 · No Comments So I’ve been teasing you about this trip I have coming […]

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