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don’t call me suzy homemaker…

Jen got me thinking about cooking with her last comment about all the food and cooking blogs she reads. It stemmed from her wheat and egg allergies last year, so she must be on a quest to find all new recipes. (By the way, I’m allergic to wheat as well, but fortunately, not enough to have to change my diet! I just give myself shots instead!)

So, back to my cooking. Or lack of cooking. Sometimes making a meal overwhelms me; I don’t know when to start everything so that it’s all done at the same time! (Apparently, neither did my mother in the beginning. I’ve heard the story of her and my father’s first year of marriage when she attempted to cook a meal, and the meat was finished but the baked potatoes weren’t even started yet… see, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree).

Only she somehow managed to make an amazing comeback. My mother is an awesome cook. And baker. And many other things. And she always made great meals when I was growing up – hello pork chops, chicken divan, pumpkin bread – but I never had one ounce of desire to watch or help really. (Maybe I peeled potatoes once or twice, but really, that doesn’t count, does it?) In high school she was too busy being super single parent and rushing my sister and me off to whatever activity that by the time we got home it was homework time and miraculously, a meal would appear on the table.

In college, I ate by myself a lot – and let’s face it, who wants to cook for one person? What a waste of food! So I would eat frozen meals, salads and stuff that would cook in about 2.5 minutes. (Healthy, I know.) When my roommate and her boyfriend were around, they usually cooked and made enough for me (love you guys!), so again, I didn’t have to worry about it.

So here I am today, with little experience but a lot more determination to make a good meal. (At least part of the time anyway.) I love making pastas, specifically Rachael Ray’s recipes – they are so easy to follow – and sometimes I can make meatier dishes. Lasagne, ratatouille…oh wait, more pastas! I love tacos, and they are so easy to make…or so one would think. I once burnt the shells. To a crisp.

Oh well. I’ll keep trying. In the mean time, my boyfriend does some mean grillin’!


6 Responses

  1. I think it is cool you actually care about learning to cook. When I got married I made seven meals over and over again until one day my husband was like, wouldn’t it be nice if we could go two weeks without repeating a meal? It never even dawned on me to expand my cooking resume. I love making pasta also. Like half my recipes are pasta, or me doctoring up a jarred alfredo sauce because I’m too lazy to make my own. Good luck with your cooking adventures and mishaps!

  2. Cooking for one. Yes…it certainly is a challenge…I do it every day! I usually make double for dinner so I can have leftovers for the next day’s lunch or dinner. I used to eat a lot of frozen & more processed foods, but as crazy as it sounds…this allergy stuff has really opened up my world as far as cooking goes! I don’t go out to eat very much anymore, so I needed to find yummy meals to eat at home instead of rotating through my old repertoire of a few dinners. I can’t believe some of the tasty things I’ve made. I’m so proud when i sit down on the couch in front of the DVR with my tasty culinary treats!!! 🙂

    In addition to my love for Rachael Ray, I really like the show Ask Aida that comes on Food Network on Saturday afternoons. Her Sauteed Turkey Cutlets with Avocado Sauce is SOOO delicious. I made it last night (with chicken), and I can’t wait to make it again!

    I’m definitely not real speedy when it comes to making recipes. I never get everything done at the same time, and if they say the prep time is 15 minutes, it takes me about 45 minutes. lol. BUT…I know I will improve my skills as time goes by! Go for it, Katie! Find some great new recipes and try them out!

    OH! And I finally got a food processor and used it last night for the avocado sauce! So much fun! I’m purposely going to choose some recipes that require a food processor!

  3. Jenny, that’s hilarious! I think we have about 10 meals in rotation and 6 of them are on the grill 🙂

    Jen – funny you mention the food processor. I have really been wanting one, and after living with my boyfriend for hmm..almost 10 months now, I just realized he has one!!!

    I want to try the avocado sauce!! I love those.

  4. Katie, were we separated at birth? I read this latest post and thought for a minute I was reading one of my own blog posts! I am exactly the same way… right down to having the single mom who somehow miraculously put a delicious meal on the table every night, yet I somehow didn’t take the time to learn from her. We differ, though, in that you are actually making an effort to learn — I recently made a Campbell’s casserole (one can’t possibly mess that up, right?) but I ended up with uncooked rice that was still hard an hour after the rest of the meal was done. *sigh* Maybe it’s just our generation?

  5. Maybe we were Erica! I just made RR’s roasted ratatouille pasta last night (for the 10th time probably) and it was delicious! But I try something new with it every time to see if I can improve it.

    You might be right when it comes to our generation…none of my friends are that interested in cooking either. Never thought of it til you mentioned it!

  6. Ok, so I’m finally catching up on your blogs…sorry it’s hard to find time sometimes..but anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the shoutout – you know Mark and I would cook for you any day! 🙂 We always make too much food, so the more the merrier! Miss you!

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