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Come on over?

courtesy of Amazon.com

courtesy of Amazon.com

Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to looove Jessica Simpson. I loved her before she was famous – when she was 18, just starting out, pre-Nick Lachey. I liked her music but I loved her personality and that she was so blunt and that she was vocal about her beliefs and values. She famously pledged to remain a virgin until marriage, which besides being really bold and well, rare, it’s something that celebrities never do. And then there was her fairy-tale wedding, her new hubby Nick, and her claim to fame: Newlyweds. I watched it religously, as did almost everyone with whom I associated. I do think she really played into the flighty, blond bimbo thing and took it a little too far, but overall, the show was funny. And I was always eager to see where their travels took them, and the best part – checking out her clothes!

But then the inevitable split happened, and Newlyweds was dead. Ironically, the final season on DVD was about to be released when Simpson and Lachey announced their separation on Thanksgiving Eve 2005. Months of speculation and not a direct comment from either party left me wondering why. Did someone cheat? Was one jealous of the other’s career? Did they decide they couldn’t deal with all the travel and separation? But then it slowly started emerging that Jessica decided she wanted better, wanted more, wanted herself  (after all, as she claimed, she went from living with her father to living with Nick and never experienced life solo) and that the divorce blindsided Nick. So I kinda took a break from Jessica and felt bad for Nick (this totally sounds like all I do is read celebrity gossip, which isn’t true. Not all the time anyway). But then Nick’s CD came out, and I like it much better than Jessica’s CD.

And then she turned around again. She started dating Tony Romo (I’ll skip the John Mayer phase because come on, they were just not right together) and went back to her Texas roots. Everything about her relationship with Tony – at least from what I’ve observed by not reading the tabloids (ha) – seems like her. The bubbly, funny, sometimes overbearing but really down-to-earth southern girl is back. And she’s gone country!

And I love it. What do you think of her new CD, Come on over? Listen here.


3 Responses

  1. Could she get anymore gorgeous? Ugh, makes me SICK, lol.

  2. I think she’ll be an even bigger star as a country singer.

  3. I agree Dan! Looks like it’s already bringing her more sales than her pop albums.

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