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why women should vote…

Lately my email box has been inundated with political forwards – which candidate is better; the picture of Sarah Palin in a deep v-neck shirt and hooker shoes; “this is why you should vote for McCain,” and so forth. You get the idea because you are probably receiving the same ones daily.

Today I got an email with the subject line “WHY WOMEN SHOULD VOTE.” Have you seen this one? I opened it, not knowing what to expect, and was shocked. It explained the torture women went through on “The Night of Terror” on November 14, 1917,  when they protested because they were not allowed to vote. These women were brutally beat up for fighting for their right to vote.

I had studied voting rights in middle school history, as did everyone, but these are the details they leave out of the history books (or at least mine did) because I certainly don’t remember hearing of these heinous crimes. It’s discusting what happened to these women, just so we could win the right to vote. (Which we still didn’t do for three more years!) And some women still choose not to vote – because they are busy, because they don’t think their vote matters, because they don’t get involved in politics – whatever the reason, women need to stop making excuses and exercise the right to vote. I’ll spare you the gruesome details here, but read this to see what these women suffered.  

Speaking of shock, has anyone seen Jessica Alba’s new ad for Declare Yourself? I discussed the Declare Yourself campaign here.


2 Responses

  1. You might like to watch the movie Iron Jawed Angels – it’s all about the real and gruesome fight for our suffrage.

  2. Court – never heard of it but thanks for the heads up! It’ll probably make me really angry, right?

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