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My heart is broken

Elsa/Getty Images

Tom Brady out for season (Elsa/Getty Images)

In the first half of the Patriots season opener yesterday (which I was SO excited for) Tom Brady was hit by Kansas City Chiefs’ Bernard Pollard and suffered an injury to his left knee. Speculation mounted and today the team officially announced that Brady will have season-ending knee surgery.


The Patriots are my favorite team, have been for years, even though I grew up in Michigan and the only team ever shown in my house was the Detroit Lions. I have watched Tom Brady since before he was SuperBowl star and NFL MVP, basically, before he was hot. When he was still playing at the University of Michigan. And let me tell you, that says a LOT because I’m not a Wolverine fan – I prefer the Michigan State Spartans!

So now I’m without my favorite team’s star player (and eye candy) and it’s only Week 1 of the NFL. What am I supposed to do for the remaining 16 weeks? Not to mention, I really wanted to try to get tickets to the Patriots-Miami Dolphins game at Dolphin Stadium in November. I don’t have the desire to get tickets now. And I’m a little uneasy about Matt Cassel stepping into the QB position, but I’m going to have a little faith and hope for the best.

Rest up, Tom – we need you next year!


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  1. […] he was injured in the FIRST. FREAKING. GAME. OF. THE. SEASON. I was devasted. I continued to watch what little Patriots games are actually televised in Florida, but the thrill […]

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