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what i’m looking forward to this fall…

NFL season opener on Thursday, September 4! (Ironically, that same night John McCain will give his acceptance speech. You obviously know which one I think is more important…) My Patriots don’t play until Sunday the 7th, but the season opener kicks off the whole weekend. Does anyone else love football as much as I do? I have always watched football on Sundays, since I was little, even though it was off and on for a few years. Even as I attempted to study in college, football was on in the background.

The new season of The View! I love this show – four (sometimes five, when Barbara is available) dynamic, opinioned women discussing everything from motherhood to politics to celebrities. Sometimes it’s outrageous and sometimes it’s just hilarious. (And while we’re on the subject of TV…I’m also looking forward to the new Rachael Ray, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.)

New season of Women’s Soccer League starts on September 29! I have played soccer since I was 9, but I took a break after high school. I just happened to be introduced to an amazing person who was organizing an entire league, and she recruited me. I started playing 3 days later and I didn’t realize how much I had missed it – it’s been AMAZING. And I’ve met some great friends, burned thousands of calories, and strengthened my legs again. It has been a huge stress reliever and it gave me a guaranteed workout twice a week, since there was NO WAY I was missing a game!

October 2 – know what happens on this day? The vice presidential debate, where the country can see just how Palin stacks up next to Senate veteran Joe Biden. Yeah, can’t wait to see that. Knock her socks off Biden!

My birthday…yep not til October but still lookin’ forward to it! I think because fall has been my favorite season – growing up in Michigan, fall was the best! (but that’s another story) – I have always looked forward to my birthday since it’s smack in the middle of the season.


4 Responses

  1. I watch a ridiculous amount of tv. I’m beyond excited about my favorite shows coming back into my life on a weekly basis…and the new shows!

    The VP debate! Thanks for putting that date on here! I can’t wait to see that either!

    I have a fall birthday, too…this Sunday! 🙂

  2. Jen I didn’t know your bday was coming up!! What are you doing to celebrate?

    Also, did you ever get into Private Practice, that Grey’s Anatomy spin-off? I just found out it starts back up on Oct. 1!

  3. I’m going out to dinner with my parents on Saturday night. Church and pilates on Sunday. Then I have dinner with some girlfriends on the 13th.

    I LOVE Private Practice!!

  4. […] the first half of the Patriots season opener yesterday (which I was SO excited for) Tom Brady was hit by Kansas City Chiefs’ Bernard Pollard and suffered an injury to his left […]

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