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who is sarah palin?

Since I’m still in Michigan and have been running around everywhere trying frantically to see everyone, I am a bit behind on my news, which drives me absolutely batty. I can’t stand not being in the know. But I’d have to be living in a cave to not hear that John McCain chose Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. The first thing I thought was, “Who the hell is she?”

A quick google search tells me that besides being the first woman Govenor of Alaska, she has the same bachelor’s degree as me (communications-journalism), that she won a beauty pageant and took second in the Miss Alaska pageant (that doesn’t really make her relatable now does it? I suppose the best news about these competitions is that she won Miss Congeniality, which puts her one tiny step above the rest – maybe), and that she played basketball (and gave her the nickname Sarah Barracuda), and that she doesn’t believe that global warming was man-made. She also agreed with parts of Barack Obama’s energy policy, which included completing the Alaska Gas Pipeline. Not surprisingly, the press release she made on August 4, 2008 announcing her agreement of that plan has been removed from her website. Also, according to her spokeswoman, she has only been to 3 countries outside the U.S. – Ireland, Germany and Kuwait. (That’s all, for a Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate? How about that foreign policy.) And her husband? He’s employed by BP. And she gave birth to her 5th child in April 2008 while in office as Governor, which has been praised by pro-life supporters, because she had the child even after knowing during pregnancy that he had Down syndrome. Her oldest son is scheduled to deploy to Iraq with the U.S. Army on September 11, 2008.

What do you think about McCain’s choice? I still don’t know enough about her to make a decision, but my first thought: he chose a woman because he’s desperate to get back some of the women voters who will so obviously be voting for Obama. My second thought: wow, she’s younger than Barack, and has 5 kids, the youngest of whom is 4 months and has Down syndrome. Not sure that makes the best VP candidate. (And don’t think that by saying that I don’t think that women can have both a family and a career, because I definitely think they can have both. My concern is that with 5 kids – 1 of whom is on the verge of serving in Iraq and 1 of whom has a genetic disability – she may not be the best choice. I also wonder if he’s looking for a sympathy vote here?


2 Responses

  1. She’s SOOO far right…and that scares me. My first thought was “I can’t believe he picked a woman…on purpose!”

    If some of Clinton’s (or now Obama’s) possible voters end up voting for McCain simply because the VP candidate is a woman…well, I would like to have a conversation with these people!!!

    Just because someone is a particular gender, religion or race does not make that person the ideal candidate for the leader of our country. I love that the candidate I fully support is such a strong, inspirational, caring man…who just happens to be black. VERY cool that we have a black man who very possibly will be our next president. But I’m not voting for him BECAUSE he’s black. I’m voting for him because I think he will make a fantastic leader. And because I heart him. 🙂


  2. Jen – you are so right. Obama is inspiring and the only politician I believe can deliver what he has promised. Guess what I just found on cnn.com? Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant…


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