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bed bugs

So, with the tropical storm that has dumped inches (maybe even a foot) of rain in my yard over the past 3 days, I was a little concerned with the abundance of bugs and snakes and what not that we would have to watch out for in the flooded yard when we let the dog outside. Well, the dog would barely go outside for the past 3 days, so when he was outside for longer than 2 minutes last night and felt very relieved when he came in, I thought nothing of it.

That is, until 4:00 this morning, when I got up to use the bathroom. I discovered a row of fresh little bug bites on my inner thigh and thought WHAT THE HECK??? But in my sleepy state I didn’t even turn on the light, and just followed my usual path back to bed. As I was pulling the covers back up after laying down, I felt the creepy crawly whatever that was IN MY BED and WAY too close to my body. I flung it as far as I could across the room, shot up in bed and flipped out. The bf and the dog – completely knocked out and oblivious to what’s unfolding on the right side of the bed – bolted upright immediately.

“What’s going on?”


He turned over, pulled the covers back up, went back to sleep. Dog moaned, pissed that I had woken him up. Well gee, sorry, but you didn’t JUST GET BITTEN BY A BUG! I couldn’t go back to sleep for over an hour. Every time I moved I cringed. I kept feeling all around me, searching for more bugs.

The bf informs me today that it felt like I was jumping on the bed last night. And guess what? Poor dog has bug bites too. I’m thinking something crawled on him and hung out for awhile when he was outside last night.

These are the affects of tropical storms that they don’t warn you about! YUCK.


4 Responses

  1. i would have been completely freaked out, too! somehow my house has been infested with fleas (cat doesn’t go outside). i am COVERED in flea bites (especially my feet) and i constantly feel like i’m covered in fleas. i can feel them crawling on me…even then they really aren’t. creepy!!!!

    poor you and the doggie. and i can’t believe bf was able to just sleep (and didn’t get bitten…NOT FAIR!!)


  2. Rah! I hate that. My brother just twittered me that he found a tick crawling on his arm and now his skin is super sensitive, searching for that next creeping multi legged sensation.

    Bugs are fine, just so long as they stay outside.

  3. Jen- No, it’s not fair that bf was the only one to sleep away unscathed while Jak and I now fight the itch. Oh, and it was a SPIDER I’m pretty certain, because I have over 30 bites! It now looks like a really, really bad rash. 😦

    Chelle – despite my absolute HATRED toward spiders and bugs right now, the tick sounds worse. Poor bro!

  4. […] Bed bugs update – I’m almost certain it was a spider. I have over 30 bites and the back of my leg […]

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