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let’s investigate this chinese gymnast, shall we?

Incase you haven’t heard, the International Olympic Committee is officially investigating the age of China’s gold medal winning gymnast, He Kexin. (Click here for the full story.)

From the looks of her, there is no way she’s 16, like she, her coaches, and the Chinese government have claimed since day 1. When looked into, her age was said to have been 14 years and 200 days, making her ineligible to compete in this years Olympics. Amazingly, the Chinese government removed He’s information from their website after rumors began circulating days ago. Wikipedia already has He listed as the 2008 Gold Medalist (that was fast!), and also mentions – in detail – the age controversy. This does not look good for China, as host of this year’s Olympics, and as they try to re-establish themselves in the world.

Surprising? Not really, considering that some people will do absolutely anything to compete. I understand that she is really good, but let her have 4 more years and she’ll be better, right? But on the other hand? Yes, it is surprising. Look how easy it was for her information to be found – even though it was taken off websites shortly after – and how stupid that looks. It will be (it should be) very easy to learn her true date of birth. And if that happens, and He is stripped of her medals, that will look just plain dumb.

What do you think?


2 Responses

  1. Nobody needs to even look at a birth certificate to see how old she is. Bless her little heart…she is so young (and young looking). Couldn’t she have just waited until 2012 when she really was of age?

    And, seriously, how good does Michael Phelps look in a speedo? I’m just sayin’. 🙂

  2. You are right, Jen. All the blogs are saying that she’s way too young. I’m sorry, but since we’ve actually BEEN there, we know what 16 looks like 🙂

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