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Beijing 2008

Everyone is watching the Olympics, I assume? At least one sport or another, right? I love sports so when the Olympics rolls around every 4 years, I’m definitely ready to watch. By far my favorite sport to watch is soccer, but considering they have hardly shown any games so far, I’ll take what I can get of gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming and diving. Speaking of swimming, was anyone else slightly annoyed that Michael Phelps’s picture was splashed across the front page of national news when it was actually the 4×100 meter relay TEAM that won the gold last night? I unfortunately fell asleep before the incredible race, but this morning while checking last night’s results, I automatically assumed Phelps set a record or something because it was just a huge shot of him. Man was I wrong; he was thrilled because the oldest man (Jason Lezak) on the USA men’s team somehow managed to pull off the fastest swim of all time to win the gold.

Phelps is good, I will give him that. I was a huge fan during the 2004 Olympics in Athens, when he was an Olympic rookie and won 8 medals. But then, like what sometimes happens when you become an overnight celebrity, he got a little too cocky, and got caught drunk driving outside of Baltimore. He was sentenced to probation and also had to speak to 3 area schools about the dangers of alcohol. Shortly after that, he started his freshman year at the University of Michigan. I assume he has learned as I haven’t heard much else about him aside from his swimming. Anyone else remember this? Do you think he will win his highly sought 8 medals in this round of Olympic competition?


Thanks to the New York Times, I found a TEAM article and solo shot of Jason Lezak, the American swimmer who came from behind to win gold! I also found an interesting article  about all the world records that have been smashed so far in the 2008 Olympics. It is pretty amazing. Is it the technologies in the pool or is it the swimmer and the coach? Check this out:

“American swimmers here [at the Olympics] are accompanied by four sports-science experts. Each race is video-taped. Immediately after a race, each swimmer has an ear pricked to test for lactic-acid levels. After a warm-down swim, video analysis is made available to monitor stroke counts, distance per stroke, split times, and the biomechanics of takeoffs and turns.”

Isn’t that amazing? Congrats to the American relay team!


2 Responses

  1. I did NOT know about the drunk driving. That is not delightful. Hopefully it was just dumb (cocky) youth speaking when he took that chance at taking a life with his vehicle (I have a HUGE drunk driving soapbox I like to pull out every once in awhile). 🙂

    Anyhew, the relay the other night was INCREDIBLE (I actually watched it on the DVR Monday night)! If I hadn’t just gotten injections in my lower back I probably would have been jumping up and down in excitement. It really was one of my favorite Olympic-viewing moments of all time! Every time I see the slow motion of Jason pulling out in front of the other swimmer, I’m stunned. Such strength. It was fantastic.

    And stinky that they showed just Michael on national news about the event. The whole deserved that recognition. Sigh.

    Excellent about your blog! Jen

  2. I am totally digging the Olympics, but man, these late nights are sure hard on me.

    Good to see you back in the blogging world! I missed seeing you around!

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