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100 things

1. I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
2. Graduated from Western Michigan University.
3. Once made the Dean’s List.
4. Ironically, it was the semester right after I turned 21.
5. For that, I rock 🙂
6. I moved to Florida in July 2006.
7. To be a nanny for 3 awesome kids, whom I still love very much!
8. I now work at the Chamber of Commerce doing marketing and research in the economic development department.
9. I love food. And wine.
10. And ice cream! I have a weakness for Marble Slab!
11. I have played soccer since I was 9.
12. Said sport caused me to dislocate my right thumb. (Before you say what?!, realize that I was goalie.)
13. My best friend graciously helped me with my trig homework after that! 🙂
14. I am stubborn.
15. I love to travel, but don’t have nearly enough time or money to do it.
16. I love Boston – the city, the Red Sox, everything.
17. I speak Spanish.
18. I’m starting to lose it because I don’t practice enough.
19. But in college, my roommate (who is latina) and I could speak it unbelievably fast while drinking. Go figure.
20. I swam in high school during my sophomore year.
21. Breast stroke. Ever tried it? Hard.
22. I love sports more than some guys I know.
23. I love Jeopardy, Scrabble and Bookworm.
24. I love the swings on the playground. Whenever I’m on them, I’m transplanted back to childhood.
25. I’m allergic to EVERYTHING.
26. Including my dog. And wheat.
27. I am doing immunotherapy for my allergies, so I give myself 2 shots every week.
28. I love garlic, pasta, cheese, filet mignon and avocados.
29. I travelled to Spain for 2 weeks when I was 15.
30. It was my very first flight. (9 hours long!)
31. I watched a bullfight.
32. One day I want to attend the Tomatina in Pamplona. But not the running of the bulls.
33. I like to watch cooking shows.
34. And Jon & Kate Plus 8. That family is awesome; 8 kids?! Crazy!
35. My friends are like family to me.
36. I like to write. I wrote for my college newspaper, where I earned the News Writer of the Year Award.
37. I have one sister.
38. I am older, therefore cooler 🙂 kidding!
39. I’m addicted to people.com.
40. And Icanhazcheezburger.com! It’s hilarious!
41. I have crazy dreams when I take Benadryl (which happens semi-often. See #27.)
42. I am seriously Type-A.
43. I am often told I look like Sandra Bullock.
44. I love the beach and being by the water.
45. One day I would like to attempt to surf.
46. I played coed flag football in college.
47. I subscribe to Glamour and InStyle magazines.
48. My cooking has come a long way! I once burnt taco shells.
49. I’ve had an extremely rare tumor surgically removed from my left heel.
50. TWICE.
51. My nickname is Kate. Or KT, depending on who I’m with.
52. My boyfriend thinks I’ll go by Kate when I get older. (How old is older anyway? He says, what Katies do you know over 40? Um, Katie Couric!)
53. I think Barack Obama should be the next President. He’s inspiring. Just watch.
54. I love going to Barnes & Noble.
55. On Friday nights.
56. I’m an introvert at work, but an extrovert in almost every other aspect of my life.
57. And I’m a networker. Or as my sister says, a socialite. (I disagree. When I hear “socialite,” I think of Paris Hilton. So not me.)
58. I like to help people. Sometimes this gets me in trouble because I don’t know how to say no.
59. I like to sing in the car.
60. But never in the shower.
61. I sleep with a body pillow.
62. To ease lower back pain I’ve had since soccer camp 12 years ago.
63. I was born 6 hours before Halloween.
64. I watch Oprah and Rachael Ray quite often.
65. But Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show.
66. Last Comic Standing is the best reality show on television!
67. My first car was a 1985 Toyota Camry.
68. I crashed it 3 months later.
69. It was NOT my fault. Seriously.
70. My first job was at Little Caesars Pizza.
71. I stayed there for 4.5 years and became Assistant Manager.
72. I was in Girl Scouts and I twirled baton as a young girl. (Can you believe it?!)
73. I had a hamster named Rascal when I was younger.
74. When he died, I buried him in the backyard in a shoebox and got a new hamster. Which I named Rascal, Jr.
75. My parents got me a dog when I was 3 years old and I named it Trixie Christine. I just figured that I had a middle name, so my dog should too.
76. I once used a crimper on my sister’s Barbie’s hair.
77. All the hair fell out.
78. I think monkeys are adorable. I must have 20 stuffed monkeys from childhood.
79. I don’t use the Wii Fit nearly as much as I should.
80. I have a mole on the bottom of each foot. Weird, I know.
81. I have coached 2 youth soccer teams.
82. I never got into the Harry Potter series, even though I read all the time.
83. I drive a Honda Civic – the smartest decision I’ve ever made, considering gas prices these days.
84. Super Target is my favorite store. It’s a mile down the road.
85. I once got my mouth washed out with soap.
86. The last movie I saw in theatres was Hancock on July 4.
87. The last DVD I watched was The Life of David Gale. Highly recommend this movie, especially if you’re not sure where you stand on capital punishment.
88. I have a BA in Journalism.
89. Upon graduation, the College of Arts & Sciences at WMU gave me a luggage tag.
90. I love reading USA Today in airports.
91. I check cnn.com multiple times daily.
92. I root for the New England Patriots and the Detroit Red Wings.
93. I love playing word games at small town bars. 

94. I can be very vocal – don’t ask me something controversial unless you’re really ready for my opinion!
95. My favorite bar is Monaco Bay, a piano bar in my hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. Go visit!
96. Favorite song to sing? Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” of course!
97. PARIS is my dream vacation destination. I’m obssessed with the Eiffel Tower.

98. The Roomba is one of the worlds greatest inventions. It works wonders in my house.
99. I don’t think I have a favorite food! I just like to eat 🙂
100. But favorite restaurant? The Melting Pot. Love me some fondue.

UPDATED 10/19:

101. I am afraid of heights. My dad gave me this horrible trait. I get freaked out climbing really high stairs, although for some reason I can fly in airplanes all the time. This fear gets more intense every year.

102. I’m a scorpio, therefore am very intense. I say passionate, but whatever.

103. I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD.

104. I usually get crabby around 10:00 every night.

105. I’ve been asked several times if I’m going to run for political office. You never know.

106. I got pneumonia on my 5th birthday and my mom had to cancel my party. Talk about devastation.

107. I have very good reflexes. This was tested in high school when we had to experiment with grasping the dollar bill between 2 fingers…tell me you’ve heard of this?

108. Movie that cracks me up every time I watch it: Just Married.

109. I am not fond of Will Ferrell movies.

110. My favorite childhood Disney movies were The Little Mermaid and Bambi.

111. My sister used to watch Bambi while standing on her head for hours. (Sorry sis, I just outed you!)

112. I will buy cheap toilet paper but I will not buy cheap jeans.

113. I tried gymnastics when I was a toddler, but I didn’t last too long. I preferred contact sports (still do).

114. I would love to take a ballroom dancing class! Dancing With the Stars, here I come!

115. I used to go line-dancing every weekend at a small-town country bar. My mom went to school with the owner of the bar, and last Thanksgiving, it burnt to the ground.

116. I’m half-city girl, half-country girl, but slowly becoming more city-girl.

117. I actually sang a Dixie Chicks song on a karaoke machine in front of a crowded bar. In Canada.

118. I have been pulled over twice for speeding, although I got off both times. Each of the cops thought they knew me, but I had never seen them before in my life.

119. I have been to 11 states, lived in 2 of them, and to Canada, Mexico and Spain.

120. I hate bananas.

121. I talk in my sleep. Luckily, not regularly.

122. I took a journalism law + ethics class my senior year of college and contemplated going to law school.

123. I am super competitive. Seriously. There are things my boyfriend won’t play with me because I’ll get mad if I don’t win.

124. I have always been told my eyes are my best feature. (With the exception of Monique, who would probably say my bottom lip.)


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